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cbd sleep aid gummies

Products that are made with ingredients grown in nature sometimes vary slightly from batch to batch. Charlotte’s Web™ products are not made with additives or dyes to standardize the color of our products.

Our Charlotte’s Web™ CBD Gummies are formulated with our full-spectrum hemp extract and contain 10 mg of CBD and 3 mg of melatonin in every serving to help you float off to dreamland.*

Regular sleep cycles*

A better and more sound sleep*

Our premium plant-powered hemp extract gummies help maintain:

What does full-spectrum hemp extract mean? It means that our extract features naturally occurring phytocannabinoids, plus terpenes, flavonoids in every sweet bite, plus nature’s favorite sleep aid, melatonin.

We’ve paired the renowned natural sleeping aid, melatonin, with the power of our Charlotte’s Web™ CBD and the rest of hemp’s naturally occurring phytocannabinoids to support sound, quality sleep, and regular sleeping cycles.*

5. CBDFx Gummies – Largest Choice

This brand has only recently branched out into the world of CBD products, but it has plenty of experience in the vaping industry. It’s quickly growing in popularity and operations to provide its users with quality CBD products.


This brand is not new to the industry and has 25 years of collective experience. This brand is large enough to support operations across the country.

The products we’ve covered are all known to help users improve their sleeping patterns, and you could be one of them too. All you need to do is pick out the right one to suit your needs and budget.

One of the easiest ways to determine whether a product is worth investing in or not is to read through its reviews on a brand’s website. Such reviews are unbiased and usually list out the pros and cons of the product concisely.

Gummies are an enjoyable and discreet way of using CBD, and it is also easy enough to add to your daily routine. However, it is still important to get the right information about the products available to make sure that you are buying from a trustworthy brand.

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What Makes A Good and Reliable Brand?

HempBombs boast of having a large range of products available for customers to buy. They also guarantee your money’s worth with their gummies because they offer better potency and flavors. It even received the Retailer Choice Award as Best New Product for 2020!

The method of infusing CO2 to the oil extracted is then used to form these amazing vegan-friendly gummies. They are all-natural and have no traces of artificial colorings or flavorings, and any colors on the gummies are from fruits and vegetables.

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