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You should without a doubt use a topical. I started using Papa & Barkley balm and it helped immensely! Topical's are best when trying to pin point and focus the area of treatment

You might want to have a look at the topical use of CBD's infamous cannabinoid cousin for psoriasis. My friend is practically psoriasis free after 2 weeks of applying this ointment she found. She had over 70% of her body covered and couldn't get out of bed and now she'a back at work!

I make my own cbd products for myself and mom from Cbd isolate. Salve, tincture with hemp derived terpenes and eliquid for myself. Mom uses the tincture and salve for pain/arthritis. I use the tincture, eliquid and salve if I need it. It's very effective. I mix the salve at 1000mg in 2oz of coconut oil. Its strong, but I sourced excellent cbd from Colorado grown hemp from a small family owned/operated company in Colorado for $20 a gram(1000mg), less with a 10off code.

Husband has bad psoriasis on his shins. We tried a salve but it didn’t do much. Wondering if a tincture or capsules would be better – any recommendations? TIA!

I have scalp psoriasis. I started using Dermasmoothe which helped tremendously but I noticed that once I started regularly taking my cbd tincture and smoking it I haven’t had to use my medicine. It’s been a month now. I tried a salve also but found that ingesting it has reduced my inflammation like 95%. Definitely try out a few different forms.

Helped me! I would take a full dropper in the morning and one at night and it really cleared up quite well. Just couldn't afford to keep up with a $100 monthly treatment. If anything, its worth a shot!

I've tried cbd cream but it didn't do too much

I’ve tried most creams steroid non steroid , smelly shit greasy shit all sorts of cream all the same in general , I found plain Vaseline is as good as anything and this was a 20 year testing time, for I found cutting free sugars eg, fruit juice pop sugar it self , honey and so on helped the most cut my psoriasis way down,

r/cbd may also have information on this.

Smoking it or applying it to skin?

I think I read it can help with inflammation, but I haven't tried it myself. I am curious about it.

I’ve tried all kinds of cbd and I don’t think it’s a cure all. Probably reduces stress and anxiety. My psoriasis and arthritis is still pissed off. I’ve tried 10-200mg per day. Good luck!

Edible oil is fine too, but in my experience seems a bit less potent. You're probably looking for coconut oil tincture (although if you can find a RSO oil that is quite strong).

About 10yrs and I'm a roughly 32yr old male.

So far I've found:

It makes stress completely melt away. This is probably more important than anything else.

My stress level is kicking up (thanks to my POS ex) and that triggers flair ups.

What products have you been using? I've tried a number of topicals myself, some help quite a bit, some are so mentholated that I can't put it some places, and some seem to not do much. Seems like high CBD content with THC is necessary for the effect to really be felt, CBD Isolates didn't do much for me but full spectrum did. Have you noticed anything similar?

A large dose of CBD combined with some THC makes my arthritis pain disappear COMPLETELY, albeit for just a few hours (at best).