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cbd salve on feet

In January, Welch posted on her Instagram about CBD-infused lotion. “A shout out to my friends @thelordjones,” she wrote. “Their pain and wellness cream with CBD is the absolute CURE for aching feet on the red carpet.” Welch went on to note that she keeps it in her styling toolkit and is a favorite among her clients. That’s a pretty convincing sell to me.

I’ve been traumatized by high heels. Every time I slip on a pair of stilettos, I wait with dread for the stabbing ache in the balls of my feet to reappear. And after one too many morning spent covering my blistered feet in bandaids, I find myself on autopilot, slipping on sneakers before I head to work. I’ve found workarounds, sticking to low, chunky heels or carrying around uncomfortable ones to change into before a meeting. But I recently caught wind of a trick to make heels more comfortable, courtesy of celebrity stylist Karla Welch.

As cannabis legalization continues across the country, a host of beauty and wellness products have been created to address any number of issues. For anyone worried about the psychoactive effects of a product like Lord Jones’s lotion, there’s no need to be. These topical lotions and oils are used for physical pain relief. In fact, when I chatted with a few marathon-running friends before testing the product out myself, they all swore by its ability to relieve sore muscles. But the real question: Would I find relief? I spent the better part of a week trying out different heels in my arsenal to see how things would go.

Called — surprise — Stiletto Cream, the product was introduced last month and was the brainchild of the shoe czar Tamara Mellon and Lord Jones , the upscale Los Angeles-based brand behind a hit CBD-infused body lotion .

All of which meant that, when I began applying the new cream to my feet I was, it was fair to say, a skeptic.

Our reporter hits the fashion week front lines wearing a new cannabis product. And stilettos.

I fully expected that by midday, I’d have given up and swapped the stilettos for sneakers, but in fact there was nary a niggle; my feet just felt quite … warm and fuzzy? By 3 p.m. there was still no soreness, and by 7 p.m., when I felt like the edges of my day had been given a nice cannabidiol-influenced buffer thanks to the peculiar lack of aching in my soles, I decided that a placebo effect had to be at work.

For as long as I’ve been working on the fashion week front lines, I’ve been a loafer and sneaker devotee. Occasionally, if the dress code reads “black tie,” I would try the odd chunky strappy heel. The idea that a cream would allow me to totter over cobblestones in five-inch spikes (the kind Ms. Mellon herself is famous for wearing) seemed close to unimaginable.

Maybe it’s just me, but “CBD foot cream” does not sound appealing, no matter how many times I’m told it’s a red carpet staple loved by stylists and celebs alike. But “Stiletto Cream,” a brand-new collaboration between CBD brand Lord Jones and iconic shoe designer Tamara Mellon? Or “Smoky Quartz Infusion Spray,” an elixir from CBD-and-crystals entrepreneur Mazz Hanna? Those sound like products I can proudly sink my heels into.

First off: Yes, cannabidiol is in foot care now, and it actually has been for a while. Long before Stiletto Cream was a thing, wardrobe stylists would apply topical CBD to their clients’ feet just before shoving them into sky-high heels, to help assuage the pain. (I mean, can you imagine having to break in new shoes while posing for photogs at a movie premiere?) It’s said to have anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, as The Zoe Report previously reported.

For those who don’t have the time or inclination to wait for the thicker cream to dry, there’s Mazz Hanna’s Smoky Quartz Infusion CBD Foot Spray. The product was actually the first that Hanna, a celebrity manicurist, created when it came time to formulate her namesake line. “From her experience getting A-list celebrities like Julia Roberts and Selma Blair red carpet ready, she saw how CBD lotions caused her clients’ feet to slip out of their shoes,” the brand tells TZR in a press release. “On top of that, she was always worried about different lotions ruining their super expensive heels.”

In addition to 250 mg of CBD, the product is infused with smoky quartz crystals. They “ground you and transmute any negative energy, so you can enjoy positive vibes all day and night long,” according to the brand — making for a non-greasy, sinks-right-in spray that’s equal parts practical and magical.

Years ago, when entertainment outlets first got wind of Hollywood’s favorite cannabis hack, there was quite a bit of, er, buzz — and not always the good kind. Capobianco says the recent launch of Stiletto Cream is part of the company’s effort to “destigmatize and normalize cannabis.” Mellon, with her history in high-end footwear (you may know her as the mind behind Jimmy Choo), was a natural fit. “Tamara’s fierce spirit, her deep understanding of what women want, and her commitment to breaking boundaries aligns perfectly with our movement,” the founder shares.