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cbd salve for athlete’s foot

An unhealthy lifestyle is the biggest risk factor attached to athlete’s foot. Other common risk factors that make you more prone to athlete’s foot are constant wearing of damp socks and tight shoes, sharing things like rugs, mats, bed linens, shoes or clothes with an infected person and walking barefoot in open public areas that are moist like swimming pools, common baths, and saunas. As per research, men are more prone to athlete’s foot than the females.

Since Athlete’s foot is rarely dangerous, a few precautions and natural treatments can do the work for you. This means instead of using antifungal drugs, you get an effective solution without any side effects like itching, redness or diarrhea. Moreover, these medicines are not suitable for everyone. Following simple precautions like wearing shoes in public spaces and keeping your feet dry is the most important thing you need to follow. Also, make sure to maintain regular hygiene; stop sharing personal things like socks, shoes, or towels with anyone.

What Risk Factors Are Attached To Athlete’s Foot?

The worst thing about fungus is that it is extremely hard to eliminate as the cells consist of a nucleus just like the cells of our bodies. Because of this, there are chances that the antifungal drugs might lead to an unpleasant side effect on your skin. But, you don’t need to worry because CBG can eliminate fungus without any side effects on our cells. In fact, both CBG and CBD are known to be effective against a variety of issues ranging from pain and inflammation to allergy and anxiety without any ‘high’ feelings.

Athlete’s foot is caused as the tinea fungus grows and spreads on your feet. The most common cause of this is direct contact from another person who is already affected by the tinea fungus. You can also contract athlete’s foot if you come in contact with tinea fungus – contaminated surfaces. Since it is caused by the fungus, anything that promotes its growth is an indirect cause of the fungal infection. So, keep your infection away from warm and moist environments. This is the same reason why this infection becomes highly contagious in areas like common showers and near swimming pools. These causes are quite similar to the causes of ringworm and jock itch as they are caused by a similar kind of fungus that causes athlete’s foot. Remember, damp socks or shoes in warm and humid conditions are favorable to the growth of this fungus. So, avoid these at any cost.

Most people begin to notice athlete’s foot due to the scaly red rashes that form on their feet or hands. The most common symptom, this rash is generally caused between your toes and leads to itching. This itching increases and becomes worst once you remove the socks and shoes. Some people also develop blisters or ulcers. These might develop between your toes or on the soles of your feet. A variety of athlete’s foot called moccasin may also lead to chronic dryness that leads to cracking and peeling the skin between your toes and on your soles on your feet. It may also lead to discolored, thick, and crumbly toenails. If you scratch or touch the infected parts, again and again, chances are that the symptoms of this fungal infection might spread to the other foot or your hands.

Full spectrum hemp oil containing CBC can help with athlete’s foot because of CBC’s antifungal properties. Antifungals like CBC work by stopping the cells from multiplying in fungus. This creates an environment where the fungus cells begin to die off.

While we often talk about THC and CBD, there is another cannabinoid found in cannabis that can help with fungal infections called cannabichromene (CBC). While CBD has shown that it could have slight anti-fungal properties when getting rid of something like athlete’s foot, full spectrum hemp oil or full plant cannabis is the way to go.

One great thing about CBD is how many different ways you can use it. If you have a fungal infection like athlete’s foot, you can take the full spectrum oil orally to help combat the condition. You can even use the same tincture directly on your skin to get to the source of the problem quickly. An added benefit that CBC has is, like CBD, it can help relieve pain.

Fungus is so hard to get rid of because the cells contain a nucleus like plants and animals do. When you try to kill the fungus, often it can lead to very unpleasant side effects because of the similar biology between our cells and fungus’. Finding a treatment that harms the fungus and not our cells is a difficult task, but one that might be able to be accomplished by hemp oil.

There are also ways you can avoid athlete’s foot so that you don’t have to take medication for it. Making sure you wear shoes or sandals in public spaces, and if you refuse shoes make sure your feet are dry. Keeping up regular hygiene on your feet is also very important, and make sure your feet are completely dry after each wash. If you live with someone who has athlete’s foot, don’t share your socks, shoes, or towels with them because then you could get it, too.

Diaz let the world know about his use of CBD during a press conference in 2016. He casually used a vaporizer pen in front of the media! It was a brave move since it was more than two years before the Farm Bill made hemp legal. According to Diaz, CBD helps reduce inflammation and aids the healing process.

The 2017 National Survey on Drug Use and Health found that around two million Americans misused prescription pain medication. The United States spends more per capita on medicines than any other country in the world. Nearly all Americans use prescription drugs in any 30 days.

Professional athletes understand the importance of rest and recovery. Although some people use cannabidiol to alleviate pain, the use of CBD for athletic recovery is becoming popular. While reducing post-workout inflammation is essential, there are many other facets to efficient recovery.

4 – Gina Mazany – UFC

Even the above plus points of CBD oil for athletes only scratch the surface.

Unfortunately, the answer depends on the sport you complete in. For example, WADA has no issue with CBD these days. It took a long time, but the agency finally made a massive announcement recently that approved the use of CBD in (some) professional sports. It made its decision public on the first day of the calendar year. However, it didn’t remove it from its banned substances list on the official WADA website for a few weeks afterward.

Now, you can use CBD oils, tinctures, sprays, edibles, vape products, and topicals. However, THC and marijuana remain banned. As a result, make sure you only buy CBD products containing minimal or preferably, no THC. Ultimately, it seems as if WADA decided to legalize CBD after careful analysis. The fact that the cannabinoid doesn’t cause an intoxicating high played a big part in the decision.

However, NSAIDs can cause a range of life-threatening conditions among elderly users, including gastrointestinal bleeding. Yet even fit, and healthy endurance athletes should steer clear of NSAIDs, especially during events and long training sessions. This is because the drugs cause an increased risk of renal damage. In general, long-term or frequent use of NSAIDs may elevate the risk of a stroke or heart attack.