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cbd powder in california

Scoop the desired serving amount (12mg/scoop) into water and mix well. Because our Golden Apple Cannabis Co. Water Soluble CBD Powder is flavorless and odorless, it is also perfect for mixing into drinks like juice, tea, coffee and sodas, foods like smoothies and yogurt or even making your own facial sprays or masks.

Our Golden Apple Cannabis Co. Water Soluble CBD Powder is a unique, flavorless supplement formulated for potency without the extra frills. This fast-acting formula is crafted with nanoemulsified, water soluble full spectrum CBD hemp extract, which makes it perfect for infusing into coffee, smoothies, and your favorite foods.

How to use our Water Soluble CBD Tincture:

The small droplet size and oil-water emulsion provides them with unique properties that include things such as enhanced bioavailability, improved physical stability, water solubility and rapid gastrointestinal digestibility. It is also why our Golden Apple Cannabis Co. Water Soluble CBD Powder is so potent and easy to use.

One way to increase the bioavailability of lipophilic molecules like CBD is to transform it into a nanoemulsion, or an oil-in-water emulsion with a very small droplet size (10-100 nanometers).

Our Golden Apple Cannabis Co. Water Soluble CBD Powder utilizes nanoemulsification technology to bring you a CBD supplement with more potency per gram and up to 10x better absorption in the stomach than oil-based extracts.

Unlike other forms of CBD, CBD isolate is not an oil, but instead a white powder with visible crystals.

CBD is on a steep upswing. People are learning more about it and understanding that it’s very different from marijuana with THC. CBD oil, which is made from various hemp strains that are low in THC, should contain between 60 and 80% cannabidiol. For people looking for something more potent, they turn to CBD distillate, which should be around 90% CBD.

How Is CBD Isolate Made?

The best way to buy CBD isolate in wholesale is to speak directly with a vendor. At CW California, we provide prices accommodating different locations, products, market trends, and inventory allowances.

There is some skepticism about the legality of CBD isolate. However, CBD extracts and hemp products are nationally legal.

CBD oil and distillate comes from extracting the CBD oil from the plant product, then through a refining process. For the CBD oil, that extract gets mixed with sunflower oil or another oil option. CBD distillate uses the same refining methods as CBD isolate, which we’ll explain in just a moment. In both situations, though, the purification just can’t hold a candle to CBD isolate.