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cbd pain relief cream for patellar tendonitis

This CBD Pain Balm can be applied topically on the affected area itself. When you will apply this balm on your skin, it will get absorbed by the skin and provides targeted relief to the affected area.

This injury is a repetitive motion injury that arises due to repetitive stress on the knees, mostly when your knees are overused in any sport or exercise. This repetitive use of the knee results in tiny tears in the tendon which inflame and weaken over time thus leading to this condition.
Some of the major causes of this condition can be:

If there is a severe tear to the tendon or other treatment options are not successful in reducing your pain, your doctor may recommend surgery to repair the affected patellar tendon.

4. Reduce Muscle Pressure:

Symptoms of patellar tendonitis depend on the severity of pain in the affected knee. The first symptom of this condition is the pain and tenderness at the base of your kneecap.
Other symptoms of this injury include:

The severe pain and discomfort arising in this condition can result in a loss of peaceful night sleep. It may keep you awake throughout the night. CBD is also a sleep-inducing agent which has been researched to fight issues like insomnia and lead to peaceful night sleep. CBD will calm your anxiety and help in promoting a relaxed state of mind.

CBD Oil Pain Balm comes with a variety of benefits such as reducing the pain and inflammation in this condition. It contains CBD and other effective cannabinoids that work in synergy to provide relaxation in different symptoms of patellar tendonitis.
Moreover, it is infused with many herbal ingredients such as devil’s claw, arnica, olive oil, etc. These ingredients have their own amazing anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and calming properties.
You can start by applying a generous amount of balm directly to the affected area. We would suggest you do a patch test before starting with actual usage.

Medications such as over-the-counter drugs (OTC) can be recommended for short-term inflammation and pain reduction. These medications include:

CBD actually tackles the pain that comes with tendonitis in two ways. Inflammation can be pretty painful in itself due to swelling and tenderness. All of that will probably be reduced as inflammation is scaled back.

Edible and topical CBD products will usually have their own dosing instructions. In most cases, however, it’s possible to increase the dose without much danger of serious side effects.

Endocannabinoid System

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Now that we've explored the background on CBD topicals and how they might aid in pain management, let's dive into our top five product recommendations for the best CBD cream for pain. Continue on to learn more about CBD cream usage and selecting the product right for you.

The best 7 CBD creams for pain

Cannabinoids have low skin permeability, so you can dose up and apply more of the topical based on how you feel. Spend some time really working it into your skin, massaging gently as you go. 

Medterra goes above and beyond when it comes to quality standards and transparency. It follows cGMPs for topical manufacturing, and its products are formulated with soothing natural ingredients to alleviate pain sensations. Every Medterra product has a detailed third-party lab report available that breaks down cannabinoid and terpene content, as well as pesticide and heavy-metal testing. This is a great CBD lotion to try if you want to avoid THC.

Since CBD topicals work on localized pain, the first step is to identify your problem area(s). You'll then want to carefully clean and dry the area before applying a small amount of the topical on your skin to start.