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In this guide, we’ll take a brief look at the history of cannabis laws in Japan and discuss the current regulations on CBD and hemp products. Perhaps most importantly — we’ll discuss how to buy high-quality CBD products from brands that operate or ship CBD to the region.

Today, hemp and CBD are legal under strict rules, but Japanese citizens are finding it easier every year to find CBD supplements.

Best CBD Oils in Japan

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Hemp and marijuana are both cannabis plants, but they have one key difference — their THC concentration.

You’re not allowed to buy CBD with THC or CBD extracted from hemp flowers or leaves. If you do so, customs will seize your product — you risk prosecution if you get caught importing a product with THC.

CBD skincare products are still new to Japan, but their benefits outshine standard skincare products already on the market. “ CBD-infused skincare has Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, which increase the production of collagen and keeps the skin hydrated by reducing water loss, while the antioxidants in the oil reduce redness and wrinkles, giving it anti aging properties,” Yoshikawa explains.

The presence of CBD oil in skincare and wellness has been expanding, and is predicted to have exponential growth in Japan . Yoshikawa, the first biracial woman to be crowned Miss World Japan in 2016, realized the benefits of CBD during her stay in the U.S. two years ago. Yoshikawa launched her own CBD-infused skincare line MUKOOMI earlier this year and opened its online store in May.

The brand name holds a powerful message, combining the words mukou (beyond) and miru (to see). The brand holds at its core the message to transcend standard beauty expectations and the products themselves are all-inclusive and gender neutral. Yoshikawa created the brand in collaboration with Shahdan Calcuttawalla, a global entrepreneur.

CBD oil i s legal in Japan and is a growing industry (excuse the pun), particularly in cosmetics and health industries. Former Miss World Japan Priyanka Yoshikawa just launched a CBD oil skincare brand and Michael Bobrove, founder and CEO of HealthyTOKYO, has been pioneering CBD use in Japan since 2011.

Despite its taboo status, cannabis, otherwise known as hemp, is penetrating the Japanese market due to its health and beauty benefits.

“The latest skincare research proves that CBD can have great effects when applied to the skin. This natural extract is derived from hemp, which is called a ‘super plant,’ as it does much more to improve the Earth than most plants, such as putting nutrients back into the soil around it and making it more fertile.”

Known for various health benefits like relieving chronic pain, halting seizures and calming down anxiety, CBD doesn’t contain THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), the psychoactive component that makes people “high.” Due to Japan’s strict marijuana laws, it’s a common misconception that CBD oil is also an illegal substance. Although both products are derived from the same plant, CBD oil that’s THC-free is legal here.

On the menu you’ll find black coffee (¥400), latte (¥450), six kinds of banana-based fruit smoothies (from ¥700), three kinds of veggie smoothies (¥700), pineapple juice (¥450) and chai (¥450). Yes, they all come with drops of CBD oil, and you can choose your dosage.

The trend is now catching on in Tokyo, with speciality shops and cafés popping up around town selling CBD as an added ingredient in edibles as well as topical treatments.

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CBD cafés

Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, is an active ingredient derived from the hemp plant. In recent years, this non-intoxicating cannabis extract has become increasingly popular – you can now find it in everything from essential oils to skincare products and even food.

Unlike the plant it’s derived from, CBD is legal to sell and consume in Japan, as it doesn’t have the psychoactive effects of cannabis. But proponents of CBD claim it can help alleviate stress, anxiety, aches and pains.

Located right outside Komaba-todaimae station, this CBD speciality store serves takeout coffee and smoothies with CBD oil. An active ingredient of cannabis derived from hemp but without the hallucinogen, cannabidiol is said to relieve pain, anxiety and stress.

The effects and taste of CBD oil can differ from brand to brand – some more potent and others odorless – so do consult the staff if you’re new to this. CBD Coffee also features a retail space where you can purchase a variety of CBD products including oils, vapes, gummies and more.