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The concept of “tinctures” is certainly not new, but today’s cannabis tinctures offer a very modern and effective method of consumption. Taken sublingually by placing drops under your tongue, cannabinoids and terpenes are absorbed into your bloodstream directly. It’s quick, discreet and convenient, no smoke and no long waiting period like edibles. You will also have better control of dosages with most products clearly displaying how much CBD and/or THC you’ll get from various levels of liquid in the dropper.

You’ll typically feel the full effects in about 15-30 minutes and tinctures last around two hours or more depending on your experience level with cannabis. If you don’t like the taste of a tincture, it can also be added to tea, juice, even your food, however, your body will first need to digest things and process the cannabinoids through the liver. This will delay the onset of effects for up to 2 hours, just like edibles.

Surprisingly, higher concentration CBD tinctures are not necessarily more effective than lower concentration options. In fact, it’s best to start with a lower concentration in the first place. This allows you to control the dose and find the perfect amount that works for you. Over time, and only if you need it, you can work your way up to a higher concentration. If you’re not sure which concentration will work best, ask your budtender for advice.

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Choose Between Marijuana-Based and Hemp-Based CBD

To find the best CBDs possible, it’s always a good idea to head to your local dispensary. We know our products and will help you find the perfect CBD oils, tinctures, and edibles for your needs. You shouldn’t feel like you’re having to search for products alone or wade through the selection of low-quality tinctures at the grocery store. Stop by one of our three locations today and let our team help you find what you need.

Once people realized how useful tinctures are as a way to get precise doses of cannabis, their popularity started to rise. By 1851, tinctures were listed in medical almanacs like United States Pharmacopeia. Queen Victoria’s personal physician referred to tinctures as, “one of the most valuable medicines we possess.” Learn more about this phenomenal cannabis product to determine if it’s right for you.

Tinctures are starting to be in high demand among people who want convenient, accurate doses of cannabis while they’re on the go. The first known use of cannabis tinctures in the western world was in 1843, at which point there were medical journal entries indicating people had started using them for medicinal reasons.

What Are Tinctures?

Since tinctures have very few calories, some people like to mix them into drinks or food recipes. They can also be added to existing dishes to turn just about anything into a cannabis edible. The most common and effective way to use tinctures, though, is sublingually (or under the tongue). Taking tinctures sublingually is efficient because there’s a large artery that runs under the tongue.

Doses as low as 1mL can be very effective when consumed in this manner. To take a tincture sublingually, simply use the dropper to administer your cannabis tincture under the tongue, then hold it there for about 30 seconds. After the 30 seconds have passed, you may swallow your tincture and wait for effects to take hold.

At The Lodge, we are proud to offer a variety of cannabis tinctures. Depending on your desired effects, you can choose from different ratios of CBD to THC. We also work with concentrate producers who make tinctures from all different strains to allow for choices between indicas, sativas, and hybrids.