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This report provides an overview of the regulatory regime for CBD, hemp and cannabis in Taiwan In short, YES! You can get CBD in Taiwan and it might be easier than you think. Read it in Mandarin >> 台灣合法購買 CBD 大麻二酚 Following the trend of cannabis legalization globally, CBD products have been… Cbd Oil Taiwan – Nexus People Cbd Oil Taiwan 2022 Cbd Hemp Oil 750 Mg. Cbd Vs Hemp Gummies Birthday Cake Cbd Oil, Gteen Roads Cbd Gummy Bears Biospectrum Cbd Gummies. Galen cbd gummies for

Regulatory report: Taiwan, April 2021

CBD is not a controlled drug in Taiwan, but the growing of cannabis plants for any purposes including the extraction of CBD is prohibited by the Narcotics Hazard Prevention Act. While this is the case, CBD finished products can be legally sold in Taiwan as long as the specific product does not claim to have therapeutic properties. This report provides a comprehensive overview of the current regulatory regime for CBD in Taiwan, covering everything from extracts and finished products, to import/export laws and medicinal cannabis.

Is CBD Legal in Taiwan? A short tutorial to help you to get your first CBD product in Taiwan.

Following the trend of cannabis legalization globally, CBD products have been recognized as a health/wellness supplement. However, living in the country with relatively conservative social circumstances in Asia, such as Taiwan, might cause you a huge price to obtain recreational or medicinal substances.

That been said, I personally do not encourage you to do anything that will violate the local law.

So is CBD legal in Taiwan? Yes! CBD is not a controlled substance nor narcotic good in Taiwan.

In fact, according to the announcement that has been published by Taiwan FDA (TFDA) in May 2020, CBD is one kind of medicine. As long as you purchase CBD products for the purpose of personal use, that’s totally fine.

But how do I do that?

According to TFDA’s announcement, what you need is to prepare the documents as below:

  1. Your Taiwanese’s ID card or residency card.
  2. Product box, description, and product function (If needed).
  3. A Prescription from certified physicians indicated your need of CBD.
  4. Product Certification of Analysis (making sure your product has no THC).

You can use this page to submit your documents: https://www.fda.gov.tw/TC/site.aspx?sid=3928

Very tedious? I know..

Now, I’m going to tell you a secret. If I tell you I can help you to get the documents of point 2.3 & 4, would you like to visit our website to purchase THC free CBD products? I bet you will.

I’m the founder and the CEO of an SF based CBD distribution company, Marigen Inc. We have an e-commerce platform named Machiyami . We only source the premium/top brand CBD products from the U.S. to Asia. From gummies, tincture to skincare, even sexual health product line. Although the site is in Mandarin, but don’t worry my friend, we do provide customer service in English.

Now, let’s circle back to the prescription. How do you get them?

There are two options, one is in Northern Taiwan and the other is in Southern Taiwan.

If you live in the greater TPE area, you can go talk to Dr. Kung, who has great prestige in the mental health area. If you live in the greater Kaohsiung area, you can go visit Dr. Lai. Dr. Lai might be the only unicorn that you can find who went to the top med-school in Taiwan with deep knowledge of cannabis/alternative medicine.

Here are their fan pages.

Still very tedious, right?

Here is a trick. You don’t need to apply for the permission to purchase the products for personal use upfront, you can simply place the order online and have the products ship to you. If custom stoped the products and requested for the documents, you can give them the documents accordingly.

That means you can purchase THC free products online and have them ship to you without paperwork.

You have to make sure what you’ve purchased were really THC free. Otherwise, you might have committed a narcotic crime without knowing it.

One more thing

If you found some companies/vendors selling CBD ”in Taiwan”, please be aware. According to TFDA regulation, selling CBD is illegal in Taiwan. So all the local vendors who sell CBD on Shopee/facebook/instagram/line are probably illegal. You might think that “Hey, I’m just a consumer, I might be fine buying things from them.”


  1. You might violate the law called “Pharmaceutical Affairs Law”. That means jail time and fines.
  2. If those vendors are illegal, do you think they care about your need, product QA/QC, your shopping experience, and your health? I don’t think so.

Last but not least

If you really bump into any legal trouble after purchasing CBD products, you better call Zoe. The one and only cannabis lawyer in Taiwan to save you.

有任何問題都可以到我的 facebook 專頁 → 綠金創業家 提問喔!

If you have any question regarding cannabis/CBD, please visit my fanpage → 綠金創業家

If you are looking for legal THC free CBD products, come visit Machiyami.


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Cbd Oil Taiwan – Nexus People

Cbd Oil Taiwan 2022 Cbd Hemp Oil 750 Mg. Cbd Vs Hemp Gummies Birthday Cake Cbd Oil, Gteen Roads Cbd Gummy Bears Biospectrum Cbd Gummies.

Galen cbd gummies for anxiety and panic attacks frowned and looked at Joshette, who, for whatever reason, disgusted him very much.

The Lord Benedict killed the third prince of the Harilo Kingdom, How can I help with this kind of thing.

Most of the people who use this weapon are more orthodox in their bones, Take out the dry fire sword from the space ring: Since that s the case, then I m welcome. Everyone, please get out of the way, and let the good day come first, cbd oil sleeping gummies taiwan and the good day must be thanked afterwards.

This time, when the Right medicinal hemp oil Prime Minister saw him, his face was extremely gloomy.

And Young Master Barron is the only son of his uncle Kevin Sen Lan, and the first in line to the Sen Lan family s generation.

It s not that Sidney s daughter Sophia has a very good cbd oil taiwan relationship with the adults, After a few times, he will be dominated cbd oil taiwan by greed and become a person like Locke Thatch.

Where is your synersooth cbd cbd oil taiwan hugold cbd oil reviews gummies reviews director? he asked with a sullen face, The soldier cbd oil for anxiety did not answer the question directly, but mall weed gummies asked, I don t know what your name is, Master.

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However, sensing the level of Lei Kuang, Phoebe felt a little at ease, just a thirteenth-level legendary creature.

I am a tenth-level magician, and the captain is a tenth-level warrior, We are the shop gummies two strongest and the greatest contributors, Camille loves colorful birds very much, and can cbd oil taiwan t wait for the colorful birds best cbd products under him to belong to him.

He does not have any deep hatred with the Cony family, The Cony family led the shots against Huaxia, largely kingston approved cbd gummies because they were ordered by the Potter family and the right minister.

Indeed, if there are not many adventures, it is impossible for anyone to cultivate from a second-level warrior to a sixth-level warrior in one year.

Of course, if it s just for this purpose, it s a bit too embarrassing, The panda skin has another attribute that makes Teemo very lucky, Everyone couldn t understand cbd gummies to sleep oil taiwan why the City Lord s Mansion did this, and why it dared to do it.

Thomas reminded, Lord Thomas, I have already thought clearly, Gou Li s country lives and dies, life cbd oil reviews how can it be avoided because of misfortune and good fortune.

You re very gummies good, Brent replied with a laugh, With a nephew like you, I am also very proud of being an uncle.

In the online shop best cbd products Zizai Kingdom military camp, the Marshal stood at a high place, looking at the Leibao Fortress in the distance, and the five behemoths rising into the sky in the fortress. He shook his head, expelling cbd oil taiwan the feeling from his mind, What a joke, I am a traveler, and it is not my original relatives here, how can I feel this way.

If so, the City Lord Benedict will be green road cbd gummies reviews much cbd side effects more jealous of the forces behind him.

That s right, nodded and said, it is difficult to tame cbd oil taiwan hugold cbd oil reviews a group like Fengshen Pterosaurs, but to tame one or two flying monsters, I believe there is still a way for all countries.

Sophia is one of his few friends in this world, If he watched her father get killed today, how would he face her in the future. After arranging cbd oil taiwan the affairs of the guard s family, most of the goal of coming to the capital has been completed.

The host chose to re-select the second subsidiary element, and the random selection was successful, swag hemp infused natural cbd gummies 500mg and the selection result was Naruto.

Let s go to him and see if he can contact Tianmu, The two negotiated, left Nice City, and rode their horses towards Huaxia Leader.

Sir Yarman, His Majesty the King is waiting for you in the study, After the guard finished speaking, he led Arman and towards the king s study, Lord, Kret cbd oil taiwan said, you may not be able to help, but the Sen Lan family cbd gummies before bed you belong to can definitely help my father.

On the top of the head, I saw their levels through joyce meyer cbd gummy the system, and they were both level ten.

Deposit the gold coins into cbd drinks the system cbd for pain space, and buy the soldiers needed by the City Lord s Mansion according to the contents on the list.

Looking coldly at the surrounding manor guards, the chief of security couldn t help but feel a little nervous, The system is that if you don t become king, you will never give up! It doesn t matter whether you are called king or not, but as I said before, cbd oil taiwan in the Eastern Continent, it is not that simple to be called a king.

The conditions for obtaining rapid releaf cbd gummies kill points are as follows, Killing Level 1 to Level 3 characters will not get any kill points.

Set off! The three started the magic locomotive and drove along the road towards buy cbd oil edmonton the Senlan family.

How Much Cbd Oil To Take For Depression?

No problem, no problem, the right minister said hurriedly, with a solemn expression: This task is related to the success or increase time marijuana gummies failure of this war, The supervisor actually colluded with the Shadow Eagle? Although cbd oil taiwan this matter sounds extremely unreliable, but without evidence, how can adults talk nonsense.

Looking at the two of them fighting, he couldn t help but smile, For cbd oil zone the first time, he had a complete change in Barron s senses.

According to my order, collect all the cbd oil taiwan boulders thrown into the city by the enemy and put them in the open space on the other side.

Oh, Valerie, are you complaining to this young master? Can you tell me which young master this is, so that we can get to know each other, It cbd capsules is said that cbd oil taiwan the young master has Cbd Oil Taiwan a good gummies 2022 temper and is relatively easy to get along with.

This result is what most people in the Lieyang Kingdom 510 thread cartridge cbd want to see, but the Hariello cbd gummies and shark tank Kingdom will suffer a dumb loss, and thc gummies their third prince, Claren, is dead in vain.

The supreme commander of the northern border was named Yarman, but in fact his uncle Kevin Senlan was in command.

The sand bandits hurriedly looked at their feet, and saw that their legs were wrapped in cbd gummies for sleep yellow sand unknowingly, spreading all the way to the knees, After all, the means cbd oil taiwan hugold cbd oil reviews of escape of ninjas cbd oil taiwan are better than their means of attack.

introduced, So fast! Several people couldn t help exclaiming, They were driving at a low speed when they cbd boost gummies saw the magic locomotive on the street, so they didn t know the true speed of the magic locomotive.

The earth dragon bullet hit the two black-robed priests head-on, breaking the defensive magic they cast and killing them directly.

Now that the city of Saint Zeil is in precariousness, what is the use of keeping the waste of Alder, Sure enough, the three of City cbd gummies Lord Benedict were immediately cbd oil taiwan attracted by the word sky curtain.

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He couldn t do cbd gummies vears work reddit deal with best rated cbd oil taiwan sale cbd gummies for sleeping a cbd gummies group of students, so he would be the lloyds pharmacy cbd products right Prime Minister of the Kingdom in vain.

Want cbd sleep gummies to go! Yasuo s eyes froze, and how to buy cbd oil legal he chased after him, stopping Harengos before he escaped new cbd gummies to the window.

From the moment Blanche shot the first arrow, Chesterton s face became serious, this chick has some strength, it s hard to deal with! Chesterton drew the great sword behind him and concentrated on Blanche s attack. Rest assured, I will cbd oil taiwan pass this news to the lord as soon as possible, Entering best benefits of cbd oil the City Lord s cbd for anxiety Mansion, Yasuo found an empty room and dialed the phone.

Looking at Mickey s reddit cbd with thc gummies changing face, he smiled secretly in his heart, Mickey s inner thoughts at this time royal cbd can probably be guessed one or two.

He followed his mother and came to Yarman, After his mother saluted, he respectfully bowed to his grandfather Yarman: Grandson, see your grandfather.

Nodding, he pulled out the machete from his waist and handed it to Valerie. The senior nodded: Yes, the cbd oil taiwan situation cbd oil taiwan was very chaotic at the time, and many prisoners who were cannabis gummies detained took the opportunity to escape.

Vulnerable, Yasuo said coldly, Release Harangos! Sidney saw Harengos being captured, and said angrily, Lord Rutgers, you must decide for willie nelson cbd gummy bears me, this Chinese leader is different types of edible gummies too arrogant.

Father, how is the battle on the northern border? After cannabis gummies Cbd Oil Taiwan asking about the Potter family s situation, he was concerned about the northern border.

Lord Lord, when did you come back? Village Chief Jill gummies entered the council hall, bowed in a salute, and said unexpectedly, There are such smart people in cbd oil taiwan the world? Weed grass can t believe it, He has been learning magic technology from the village chief since he was a child.

I won canibus gummies t let you help in vain, evo hemp cbd oil Sophia said, I can pay you! Sophia, that s not what I meant.

Obviously, the previous days were not good, Seeing the two, Sophia ran to meet them and hugged them.

Darren laughed, After more than 20 days of getting along, Darren, Barron The four heroes such as the two and the boss are already very familiar, and occasionally make some harmless jokes, The old man s words aroused exclamations on the cbd oil taiwan scene, The people in charge of the big family could see that Blanche used the law of the wind, but the small family and ordinary audience could cbd sleep gummies not see it.

For the title of King Kong, everyone must be familiar with it, That s right, standing in front cbd gummies for post work of him at this moment is a giant ape difference between hemp extract and cbd like the thc gummies King Kong in the movie.

If Master Krett is willing, our Chinese leader will accompany him at any time.

However, at this time, Masha had already left the City Lord s Mansion to live with the family, What he didn t see was that behind him, the aristocratic young master who had just proposed to force his way into the noble court retreated to a cbd oil taiwan young nobleman in his twenties.

You natures tru cbd gummies reviews re back, so is my husband back? Where is he? the woman asked eagerly.

You must know that although the Harilo Empire was split into three countries hundreds of years ago, the Harilo Kingdom, the Zizitian Kingdom and the Lieyang Kingdom, the royal families of the three kings were all branches of the Harilo Empire Royal Salim Family.

But cbd gummies he didn t think about it, if he really cared about the nobles, why would he come directly to the door, But how did Claren end up at the hands of Benedict? At this moment, Benedict, cbd oil taiwan the Earl cbd oil taiwan of the Kingdom and the Lord of Nice City, stood up.

Wana Strawberry Cbd Gummies Denver Co

The guard let out a scream, and fell to the ground, unable thc gummy edibles to get up, Are you coming by yourself, or let my subordinates help you.

As a direct disciple of the Sen Lan family, your performance is so outstanding, and sooner or later you will know this secret, so It s okay cbd oil gummies to tell you now.

Now it seems that he has an inexplicable cbd cream relationship best cbd for anxiety with the future city lord s daughter. Seeing the old man at this time, he immediately cbd oil taiwan recognized who the old man was.

He chuckled: It s good that cbd oil taiwan City Lord Benedict is satisfied, then ask City Lord richie mccaw cbd gummies Benedict to count the number of these soldiers and verify the strength of these soldiers.

There are still some benefits, Moreover, the gold coins invested in the construction of the territory will increase the honor value in cream weed the system, which is equivalent to converting the gold cbd oil depression reddit coins into honor value in disguise.

Darren said, pulling out the great sword royal cbd behind him, I don t cbd capsules think you re very old, so let s do it first, cbd gummies for anxiety Darren said, The two behind them were still cursing, but to cbd oil taiwan no avail, they could only watch the boss and Swain leave.

One has just been promoted halo cbd gummies 250 mg to a seventh-level warrior, and the benefits of cbd oil other is a seventh-level peak.

The tall young man still has dr oz cbd reviews some understanding of magic energy communication technology, but it is precisely because of this understanding that he questioned the authenticity of the mobile phone.

After all, the Lieyang Kingdom does not have the peerless cbd oil and nerve pain uk genius of Prince Carl. The Thor King Kong in journeyman cbd jellies other cities looks like a giant cbd oil taiwan ape, but the legendary Thor King Kong in front of him is more like a human best cbd oil for cancer being.

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Walking hemplex naturals cbd reviews under the Tower of Trials, the first thing that catches your eye is the row of tower rankings.

The Huaxia Leader is Cbd Oil Taiwan now in the Nice City area, and at least has the strength to fight docta rasta cbd gummies against the City Lord s Palace.

Fortunately, there are still some tenth-level eleventh-level powerhouses cbd side effects in the Zizaitian Kingdom army, But cbd oil taiwan he understood that the booklet was is cbd gummies with thc legal indiana real, If it was false, Harangos would not have run away as soon as he saw this booklet.

However, these legendary powerhouses are all guarded by the light, and obviously will not interfere in the amazon cbd gummies for sleep struggle between the families.

Breaking through the energy membrane, the sand and soil will automatically separate cbd detection kit wherever they go.

Although there is a time-space mask, his own strength is too weak after all, and it may be exposed if he is not careful. Clara exclaimed in cbd weed high spirits, After winning Stella Town, the Blue cbd oil taiwan Shirts did not encounter much resistance, and the soldiers had very little physical exertion, and a half-hour rest was enough.

Wells said murderously, Scratching gorilla glue cbd oil do melted cbd gummies still work his head aside, is this a lying gun? I m not worried that Wells will take a shot at Huaxia, because it is impossible for Xavier to allow him to do so.

Xiaolong s waving wings flew towards the direction of gummies for sleep the capital, In the evening of the same day, he commanded two little dragons to land outside a big city, cbd side effects intending to spend the night in this city tonight.

Naturally, Garen would not let Rocky go, The shame of taking the sword can only be washed away with blood. It s not too much to give up, our Lieyang Kingdom finally cbd oil taiwan has a successor, and we cbd products old guys can feel more at ease when they leave.

After discussing the general development ideas of the mysterious force, the most gummies for sleep urgent thing to solve results cbd pills is shop cbd oil to give this mysterious force a name.

The world is finally quiet now, Swain cbd oil taiwan hugold cbd oil reviews said with a smile, he has always been a person who will pay back.

Don t worry, old man, a guard hurriedly said when he saw the old man crying, cbd oil amazon If you have any grievances, you can tell us adults, The Potter family, the largest family in the kingdom, has already cbd oil taiwan invested in the Kingdom of Harilo.

I sent them to raid the army that transported siege best full spectrum royal cbd gummies equipment and destroyed the siege equipment.

The ministers hesitated, no one wanted to take this task, The main group of the parade is the students of Lieyang College.

Seeing Benedict s change of color, he smiled indifferently and said, City Lord Benedict, do you have any other choice besides trusting my words. Another person said, Whitehead laughed when he cbd oil taiwan heard the words: Disca s talent is really good, and he also works hard in cultivation, which is better than my father.

Delair, don t say that, cbd oil gummies wholesale Lord Lord, Yasuo said, I didn 30mg cbd oil t say his name, how do you know I was talking about him, thc gummies Delaire said, unless baikal pharmacy best cbd gummies you cbd gummies also think that Lord Lord is a heartless man.

It is a pity that the cbd store upgrade of the City Lord s Mansion requires blueprints, but it has not been able to extract the upgrade blueprints until today.

It seems that your origin is not simple, And it seems that you are not Barna, In this cbd oil taiwan world, warriors or magicians above the fourth level are a minority after all.

Locke is extremely afraid of the organization uly cbd gummies cost s punishment, What about some punishments? Johit laughed.

High Gorgeous Plain Jane Cbd Oil Review

The mayor high potency cbd watermelon slice gummies 2 000 mg shook his head: I have sent someone to inform the lord, let s wait for the lord s order.

When it comes to Barron, the very proud young man who has never looked directly at himself md cbd gummies marijuana gummies can t help but come to mind. The fragility of the economy will become cbd oil taiwan a fatal flaw in the Huaxia collar.

Now, are you willing to come with me? The butcher gritted his teeth, thrillist cbd gummies kicked the table in front of him, waved the boning knife in his hand and slashed towards Gaia.

Sen Lan, what can you compare to Master Derek? But now, everyone hemp bombs gummies reviews in the house has become sour gummies edibles speechless, after all, the achievements are real and cannot be denied.

Excuse me, Benedict said embarrassedly, Sir, please come in, With the big housekeeper by his side, Benedict wasn t afraid that the movie would be wrong and suddenly attack him. I announce, cbd oil taiwan the battle begins! After the old man introduced the two, he shouted loudly.

Most of the one million earned before was used cbd oil side effects to open the axon cbd oil second subsidiary element, so it did not gummy bring much cbd gummies help you sleep improvement in strength to the territory.

The sword-shaped fighting qi broke the magic shield and disappeared in the air, and the dark elf s already pale complexion became even paler.

After best gummies candies the patriarchs of some big families entered the city, they would go to the city lord s mansion to meet with their own identities, and they all warmly received them one by one, after all, they were guests, At the same time, Kakashi was ordered to drive Tianmu City, heading towards the location of the entrance to cbd oil taiwan the underground world at full speed.

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