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cbd oil salve for asthma

This causes the rate of oxygen flow to decrease alarmingly. As a result, severe coughing and shortness of breath occur.

It has the ability to bind to receptors that trigger a cascade of events ultimately leading to the alteration of neurotransmitter activity.

3. CBD Relieves Inflammation

A 2015 experimental study at the Universidade do Extremo Sul Catarinense observed the effects of CBD on an animal model of asthma.

Research on alternative therapeutic strategies have shown that the use of cannabis in many forms can substantially improve the health of asthma patients as several of its compounds, particularly the cannabinoids, promote bronchodilation.

The pain is generally characterized by a piercing sensation in the chest that occurs during the initial phase of the attack and gradually subsides with time.

Choosing the right dosage and form of consumption often involves several factors, such as:

Another way to diagnose asthma is to run a lung function test, such as the peak flow test or spirometry.

Let’s dive into this!

How Should You Take CBD for Asthma?

The above symptoms usually vary between individuals, as they often become noticeable at certain times, such as when exercising, during cold weather, or when exposed to allergens.

An asthma attack refers to an episode that involves a sudden worsening of symptoms. These flare-ups, as people usually call them, contribute to roughly 2 million emergency room visits every year and can seriously deteriorate the patient’s quality of life. Without proper treatment and immediate medical care, an asthma attack can lead to death.

But can CBD actually help asthma sufferers reduce the symptoms of their illness?

Although more large-scale clinical trials are needed to establish CBD’s efficacy for asthma, the cannabinoid offers potential benefits for MS patients who experience muscle spasms. It’s possible that CBD may also help relax the muscles in the lungs and allow asthma sufferers to breathe easily as a result. Still, we suggest that you consult a doctor before taking CBD oil for asthma.

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