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cbd oil quit smoking

It is true that most smokers find it hard to successfully quit smoking. However, some have actually done it by avoiding their nicotine fix and braving through a period of cold turkey.

When it comes to helping smokers overcome their nicotine addiction much more effectively, CBD may show promise. However, those looking to use this product to quit smoking should first consult their physician before using CBD as it may interact with some medications.

Ways of Quitting Cigarette Smoking

Read on below to find out more about CBD and how it may be used to help smokers quit this habit for good.

Researchers conducting the study observed that CBD may hold promise when it comes to helping smokers get over their addiction to nicotine. However, these findings also demonstrated the need for further studies on the effects of CBD on cigarette smokers.

Simply put, the inhalation of cigarette smoke leads to the release of mood-inducing hormones. These hormones are responsible for providing a feeling of reduced stress or pressure.

Cigarette smoking is a massive public health problem. In the US, although cigarette use has greatly declined since the days it was allowed on flights and in hospitals, there is still a concerning number of people addicted to tobacco. According to a 2017 CDC survey, almost every fifth American adult uses some tobacco product; over 41 million of those individuals are cigarette smokers.

Main conventional treatments for smoking cessation currently include:

The Scope of the Issue

The most common way of CBD intake, however, is by vaporizing CBD oil using a special device called a vaporizer or “vape.” When you consume CBD oil with a vaporizer, it’s not actually burned but heated to just the right temperature for it to start converting into aerosols. This temperature is, naturally, much lower than the temperature needed to convert solid plant material into smoke. Many smokers decide to transition to vaping CBD oil to quit smoking because of these apparently lower health risks and because it’s more convenient to buy and use CBD oil than it is to buy and smoke CBD joints.

On the one hand, this number is drastically lower compared to the statistics for cigarette smokers reported in the same study, which indicate that they are 250% more likely to develop chronic lung diseases than non-smokers. On the other hand, the data for the study was collected over a period of only three years, so it’s likely to be an underestimation. Still, compared to burning solid plant matter, it’s physically and logically reasonable to assume that lower temperatures will result in much less tissue damage, even in long-term use.

If you haven’t, are you considering it? What are your concerns?