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cbd oil payment processing

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Powered by Square, Weebly is a great web hosting service that can support your CBD business online. Create your site, manage your domain, and add your products to begin. The last step in the process is to add a payment processor that can accept your business type and volume. The perfect solution to this is to integrate Weebly and PaymentCloud so that your customers can pay for your products with the click of a button. An easy CBD payment processor will make a big difference in your business.

CBD eCommerce Integrations

Personalized customer service is the way to go, but if you cannot find a company that offers this, at least find one that hires a customer service team to manage calls and emails around the clock.

The solution? Finding a high-risk processor who is not afraid to assist you with a payment gateway that ensures you can conduct business just like any low-risk company is able to.

Ask yourself if you can afford to pay the specific percentage that your preferred payment gateway will deduct from you for each transaction. If it does not work well with your profit margins, search for a service provider elsewhere.

8 of the Best CBD Payment Processors

Next on the list is this high-risk payment processor, which is acknowledged as the most well-respected service provider specializing in the CBD industry.

CBD occurs naturally in marijuana and hemp plants, but the vast majority of products filtering into the mainstream market are created using industrial hemp plants.


As an industry that is undergoing constant metamorphosis in the legal aspect, you would benefit from staying on top of the evolving legal cannabis landscape across the U.S. For an up-to-date status by state, get in the habit of checking reputable online resources like this one.