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In July 2019 we submitted an application to the City of Nelson to rezone 45 Government Road, which would amend current zoning to allow for cannabis cultivation within City limits. That rezone amendment was approved unanimously by City Council in the fall of 2019. Phase 1 of our plan is to build a 28,000 sq. ft facility that will include four self-contained 4,500 sq. ft craft cultivation rooms and a 9,000 sq. ft administration component. This first phase of development began in early September 2020 with finished foundations and ground works completed in December 2020.

Unlike a lot of what is happening in the early days of the cannabis industry in Canada, the NCC is not intended to be a build it and sell it model. The majority owners and directors of the business are and will continue to be local business people focused on creating a successful and sustainable business that contributes significantly to the region for many years to come.


— Phase 1 —

We want to create a business that offers meaningful, well-compensated jobs for both employees and contractors. Where performance is met with opportunity, in an organizational culture that is inclusive, positive, forward thinking, and financially solid for years to come. This is not a build it and sell it model, as community members we are invested in seeing this initiative flourish, grow, evolve, and contribute well into the future.


We want to be an open source facility when it comes to the ethics of how we do business and the processes we will be developing as we develop this business. We want to share what we learn and ultimately, show the world how to do it right. Part of that process is working with local institutions like Selkirk College to help create a talented, skilled, and well-educated work force when it comes to cannabis cultivation, processing and sales.

We realize that the onlining of a Federally regulated, multi-billion dollar industry comes with both opportunities and challenges. We have and will continue to engage our local governing bodies and work closely with them to ensure we are not just meeting, but exceeding expectations when it comes to business practices, sustainability, communication, transparency, quality assurance, development, and planning.

Our ideal customer cares about their body and the world they live in. They like to use natural products and believe in being healthy and vibrant. Customers interested in natural medicine and medical marijuana will be very interested in our topical pain relief products.
We offer retail and wholesale, medical cannabis dispensaries, Body workers, massage therapists and spa’s are enjoying our products.

Ilu Botanicals is a natural skin care company based in Nelson B.C. We make all natural and mostly organic small batch hand made skin care products. We also offer a line of natural and organic cannabis infused topical pain remedies and skin care products. Please contact us directly for information regarding the cannabis line.

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I have been studying herbology and natural skin care product formulation for several years. During this time i was always making and giving away products. Eventually enough people asked to be able to by them that i decided it was time to start a business.
I formulated the recipe for my Deep Re-Leaf to treat myself after a bad leg break and subsequent surgery. Again after giving it to lots of friends it became so popular that the cannabis product line was born.