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Hemp plants are grown for a variety of uses, including food, paper, clothes, housing, fuel, and health supplements such as CBD oil.

Individual states can either accept the federal law or put their own strings on the availability of CBD oil.

But what about medical marijuana patients?

Guide to Buying CBD in Iowa

Unfortunately, Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller decided to ban CBD oil for those who are not suffering from a medical condition. In other words, it’s illegal to sell and buy CBD products locally without permission.

How does hemp-derived CBD fit into Iowa’s law?

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Online shops also have a greater variety of products to suit different types of consumers. You can find CBD in sublingual drops, capsules, edibles, creams, lotions, wax, vape liquid, and pet products.

CBD products sold in online stores are usually cheaper compared to those sold in physical stores. However, it doesn’t mean that they are of inferior quality. Online retailers can offer better prices since they don’t have to deal with costs related to running a physical store. That means that you can enjoy discounts and special offers that are almost impossible to find locally.

When it comes to buying new products in any industry there will always be risks. However, if you watch out for the 3 things above, you can avoid companies attempting to make a quick buck from uninformed customers. Your best option is usually making your purchases online on websites such as where you can easily verify the source of your CBD.

The FDA has also stated that it is unlawful to market products containing THC or CBD as dietary supplements. The agency has provided detailed guidelines for regulating cannabis and cannabis-derived products such as CBD.


Zaun praised the bill for clearly stating what can and what cannot be sold in the state of Iowa with regards to CBD products. Under the bill, CBD products can be sold in the state if the hemp used complies with either federal hemp law or the Iowa Hemp Act.

If you want to be sure that you are buying premium CBD products, you need to ensure that third-party laboratories have tested them. The labs can tell you whether the CBD products contain any unwanted additives or dangerous chemicals. These labs can also tell you whether the advertised CBD content actually matches what’s inside the bottle.

Hemp products such as fiber, cordage, cloth, plastic, particle board, paper, paint, and fuel can be produced legally. Section 7 of the Iowa Hemp Act provides clarification that CBD derived from hemp can only be added to products intended for human consumption to an extent that’s consistent with the applicable federal law.

Iowa law regulates the THC content of CBD products in stores. CBD products sold in the state should contain no more than 0.3 percent THC. Purchasing CBD oil with a higher THC content or without a permit is an unlawful action. It could lead to arrest and prosecution.

He said he wants lawmakers to legalize CBD for over-the-counter use and put rules and regulations in place to weed out bad actors.

“If the law is the law then every sheriffs department should be dealing with this the same,” said Tanya Tysland, owner of T’s Brick City Spa. “I think Iowa really needs to quickly figure this out and stop harassing small business owners.”

“The number of vendors manufacturing it is still pretty small,” Clemens said.

If it’s illegal, why is CBD so easy to find?

The Des Moines woman said she thought U.S. lawmakers had legalized CBD products last year. She purchased gummies and cream from a shop on the city’s south side that sells glass pipes.

CBD (Photo: Carly Mallenbaum)

But Des Moines police have not issued criminal changes, he said.

While Sparks said he knows his products can help people suffering from health ailments, the profitability of CBD products and the loose regulation in the state has brought out vendors willing to sell products even if they are unaware of the contents.