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cbd oil green garden

Following suggested serving size there are about 60 servings per bottle. If taken twice daily as recommended this product will last you 30 days. Keep in mind this serving size delivers very little CBD. Anyone addressing anything serious would need to take much more CBD per serving and should consider buying a CBD drops concentrate.

The flavor of your choice: Banana Cream Pie, Berry, Blueberry, Cinnamint, Green Apple, Regular, and Strawberry.

Ingredients: Vegetable glycerin oil, hemp oil, flavoring.

All Green Garden Gold Products Are

Products can vary from batch to batch, so it’s important to get regular testing for quality control. If the company hasn’t sent for new lab results, could this mean these oils were made in 2017?

Steer clear of the 4000 mg Med Pac Oil!

GGG doesn’t specify what amino acids are added or where it comes from, so we can’t confirm there is any present in this formula.

Who Should Consider Using the Med Pac Oils?

The average 30 mL bottle of 300 mg CBD Oil usually costs about $50.00 — that’s We’ll be honest; the earthy flavor of natural CBD is not a crowd-pleaser. Brands will often use flavors to make CBD Oil more enjoyable..16 per mg of CBD.

The product description mentions there are terpenes and amino acids added to the Med Pac Oil formulas.

The base used in the Med Pac Oil is a coconut sourced MCT (Medium-Chain Triglycerides) oil. This is a popular base in the industry because it gives the fat-soluble hemp extract a large degree of solubility within the oil. This is why GGG can offer higher concentrations of CBD oils without the product clumping.

The trouble started in 2016 when the FDA reprimanded the brand for its absurd claims about its CBD curing and treating diseases in product descriptions, fake testimonials, and blog posts.