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cbd oil full spectrum vs isolate reddit

Most frequent CBD users will agree with this, specifically when it comes to treating anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. nearly every single CBD patient will claim that full-spectrum oil is the superior option.

We have always preferred full spectrum as a personal preference, but there is actually scientific research that has been done to give evidence of WHY it's often preferred:

Is the product 3rd-party lab tested? This is CRUCIAL in verifying that you are purchasing a product that has it's contents verified.

The research showed that in mice, CBD was much more effective when used along with other compounds of the cannabis plant, than when it was used by itself (isolate). While they haven’t yet figured out why exactly this is the case, it’s now generally accepted that full-spectrum CBD oil is more effective at treating the majority of medical conditions, than is CBD isolate.

vaping full spectrum is harmful?

That being said, I've tried full spectrum sublingual and noticed no difference between that and just vaping isolate dissolved in eliquids.

I only vape CBD, so my options are limited to isolate (anyone selling vape claiming to be full spectrum is either lying, stupid, or doesn't care about the health of their customer).

In my brief 2 year experience with using and manufacturing CBD tinctures in foods, drinks, and tincture so far, I have been able to try a wide variety of CBD products and I keep going back and forth between the golden question. Which is better CBD isolate or CBD Full-spectrum? I have read from what seems like hundreds of articles making valid claims for both. Although, the current trend seems to lean full spectrum. Personally, I have preferred isolate mainly due to the cleanliness and pureness of the color, taste, and viscosity profile of isolated CBD itself. To me, it just blends better and seems like a more premium quality, making a more palatable product when blended with terpenes, herbs, etc. Having worked for a CBD manufacturing company, I personally do not like working with the full-spectrum because it's messy, taste and smells very strong and earthy, plus, it is usually inconsistent in sourcing, when we order it from distribution, regardless of similarities in its certificate of analysis — one kilogram batch of full-spectrum CBD will vary quite a bit from one to another.

But then again, I have tested and used Full Spectrum oil quite a bit and although it is usually more murky and earthy tasting. The research suggests that it is more effective. Which, I do see benefits from regular use of full-spectrum oil. I have noticed that I do feel a slight "buzz" when taking the Whole Plant that I don't get from isolate, maybe this is from the trace THC? Although, I have not personally come to the conclusion that the benefits of full-spectrum are any better than isolate. I do understand the importance of the multi-array "entourage effect" of cannabinoids that contribute to whole-plant full-spectrum and how, using the entirety of the plant as nature intended; like most things — equates to a larger variety of health benefits. Personally, I just don't draw the conclusion. I want to start dabbling more in formulating full-spectrum tinctures as that seems to be the consumer trend, and would expand our product offering for those who prefer full-spectrum over isolate. Has anyone else drawn a similar or differing opinion or have any personal feedback that can comment on their personal experience trying the two?