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cbd oil for topical pet rash

There are no known cases of dogs with allergic reactions to CBD or hemp products for pets. ElleVet Sciences’ CBD+CBDA products are organic and lab-tested for safety, consistency, and effectiveness.

CBD+CBDA has anti-inflammatory properties that can help relieve atopic dermatitis. CBD+CBDA oil and chew products for pets can help relieve inflammation of the skin and promote healing through healthy sleep patterns and calmness. Unlike shampoos or medications, these benefits are delivered without harsh chemicals or potential side-effects.

Atopic dermatitis is irritation and inflammation of the skin and represents how a majority of dogs experience allergies. For pet owners looking for a remedy, many wonder if hemp oil for dog allergies is a viable option?

Can dogs be allergic to CBD?

In 2020, ElleVet is set to conduct an independent study using our CBD+CBDA solutions on dogs with atopic dermatitis. The data gathered will help articulate how CBD+CBDA and hemp oil can impact allergies in dogs and atopic dermatitis, while further bolstering ElleVet’s reputation as the scientific standard in pet CBD+CBDA solutions.

What causes itchy skin in dogs? What are some symptoms?

Sometimes, the location of the itching and scratching can help give you a clue about the cause. Fleas tend to congregate at the base of the tail, behind the ears, or between the shoulder blades. Mites are often found in ear canals and you might see your doggie trying to reach the inside of their ears rather than scratching the general area rapidly. Other conditions like eczema tend to be spread out but can be seen on places like the belly or between skin folds.

If your pup’s skin doesn’t clear up after a week of use or gets worse, consult with your vet to see how you can further treat your dog’s underlying issues.

Itchiness is usually a symptom and can indicate a larger underlying health problem. A rash may be temporary (if your dog decides that running through a bush of poison ivy is a fun idea), or it could indicate a variety of more chronic but common ailments such as allergies or eczema. Before using CBD products for your dog’s skin problems, it’s best to consult with your vet to make sure you understand what the underlying problem is.

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