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cbd oil cramps

In addition to research suggesting that CBD can moisturise and heal the skin, drawing a CBD-infused bath can help reduce inflammation and improve blood circulation to your womb, resulting in less period pain. Add some drops of CBD oil to your bath along with soothing essential oils and fragrances, light a few candles and press play on your favourite Spotify playlist. Your womb will thank you later.

Good Hemp’s pure CBD oil happens to be the perfect natural remedy for period pain. And you can feel good using it, too! As you know, we only use CBD isolate that’s extracted from 100% non-GMO hemp and is produced without any unwanted nasties or chemicals involved. Since our carrier, hemp seed oil , is high in omega 3 fatty acids but low in saturated fat, it’s also one of the healthiest CBD oils available in the UK.

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If you’re not a fan of the taste of CBD, you can also add our pure CBD oils to topical rubs or balms that you can massage directly into the skin. This is a popular option if you wish to soothe any achy areas that are causing discomfort during your period – such as your abdomen, groin or lower back – as it gets to work directly on the affected area. CBD can also help you say goodbye to your hormonal acne, as it is great at reducing sebum production, one of the main causes of acne. Just add a couple of drops into your moisturiser and apply (remember to cleanse first!)

Because just because we’re on our period, doesn’t mean we don’t want to have fun! CBD can help you enjoy sex more when you’re on your period by reducing tension in the pelvic floor and relieving pain from cramps or penetration. A few sexier benefits (you’ll be pleased to know) can include increased sensitivity, relaxation – which can lead to stronger orgasms! – and in some cases, a boost to your sex drive. Let’s go!

If your time of the month is pretty pants, we hope that these natural period pain relief methods using pure CBD oil will make it a bit better – whether you want to sip it, soak in it or, well, have sex with it!

CBD has some side effects too. Image courtesy: Pixabay

The point is if taken under guidance then hemp oil is the natural and better way to get rid of painful period cramps. So, drop those aspirins and what not and take a shot of hemp.

Thankfully, there are many hemp-based oils that are readily available in the market that you can use topically. All you have to do is just take a few drops of hemp oil, massage gently on your abdominal area and then use a heating pad for 5 to 10 minutes.

But it’s important to take a note of the side effects of hemp too

The cold-pressed oil extracted from hemp seeds contain THC or cannabinoids. THC is basically a chemical with mind-altering properties that divert your attention from the pain by giving you a mild high.

We know that hemp has a ‘bad reputation’ when it comes to its after-effects. But if studies are to be believed then hemp is a powerhouse of therapeutic properties that are known for relieving pain.

Too much of hemp can also lead to organ damage as well as mood swings, loss in appetite, and gut issues. So, knowing the dosage is very important.

Excess usage of hemp can lead to some side-effects as well. The biggest of them all is that if you are on any medication then before consuming hemp oil you need to talk to your doctor. There is a possibility that hemp might react with your medication and make the situation worse.