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cbd oil and cymbalta

2021-05-21 Full Spectrum Cbd does cbd oil interact with cymbalta And cbd oil xanax Healing Effects Of Cbd Oil.

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Cymbalta, similar to CBD, interacts with the Serotonin centers in the brain. Cymbalta is a serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor. The delayed release capsules stimulate serotonin centers which help to create a calming effect and elevate mood. Specifically, Cymbalta prevents brain cells from quickly absorbing neurotransmitters and sending overactive messages of panic and fear to the body known as fight or flight responses. These responses include symptoms of both anxiety and Fibromyalgia. Muscle pain and tension typical to Fibromyalgia sufferers can be brought about by panic attacks.

A major concern in mixing CBD and Cymbalta is how CBD can exasperate already possible negative side effects. Side effects largely depend on the individual patient, their chemical makeup, and what Cymbalta is prescribed to them for. These side effects include:

Possible Side Effects of Cymbalta

Some observations have noticed moderate interaction between CBD / Cannabis products and Cymbalta. While there are no fatal or extremely internally hazardous interactions noted to date, CBD and Cymbalta can cause complications when used together for the treatment of anxiety or chronic pain. Among these interactions are:

Before making any changes to your treatment for anxiety, depression, or Fibromyalgia, it is important to consult your doctor and make your interest in CBD as an alternative known. Only a medical professional can properly help in balancing dosages and alerting you to and possible adverse reactions you may not have been aware of. As with any medication, figuring out the exact dose and frequency that will be most effective for your symptoms may take time, and communicating your goals, experiences, and preferences clearly with your doctor. As more studies are conducted on CBD as a treatment option, more possibilities become clear. If you have found little relief from taking Cymbalta, or are looking to make a change with less withdrawal symptoms, CBD may be an option to consider.

Some patients prescribed Cymbalta have reported withdrawal symptoms after stopping the medication. This reaction is not uncommon after discontinuation of depression and anxiety medications, which is another strong reason that some patients have begun to try CBD. CBD oil can help with withdrawal effects while presenting no withdrawal effects of its own. Read more about patients reports on Cymbalta withdraws here.