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cbd oil and cream in las vegas

We only carry CBD products at our family-friendly local CBD store in Las Vegas. We do not carry any cannabis products.

All our CBD products are made from 100% Organic Hemp to ensure the highest quality, potency and effectivenes.

Most people feel the effect of our water soluble and nano-enhanced CBD within five minutes of trying a sample!

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Terpenes are the active ingredients in medicinal plants and essential oils, including the hemp plant.

How Does CBD Oil Work?
CBD supports a newly discovered master regulatory system in your body – the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) – which is responsible for regulating and balancing your brain, nervous system and immune system to ensure optimal health. CBD interacts with millions of cannabinoid receptors and neurotransmitters found in cells all throughout your body. Researchers discovered the ECS when researching how cannabis works in the body. Your body makes its own cannabinoids and they are found in nature, including in the hemp plant, which contains huge quantities natural cannabinoids.

Our CBD is up to 10x more potent and effective than regular CBD oils. They work faster, better and last longer.

All our CBD products are harvested, extracted and packaged in the United States to ensure the highest quality.

Quest G has teamed up with Olympia Gardens Premium CBD Dispensary and created ( OG INKed) spectrum of Olympus Gardens and we’ve created the first CBD balm Scientifically engineered for high-intense pain relief and accelerated healing time for everyone in the INK industry at 1000MG you’d be healed in no time, Don’t just be Inked. be “INKfused”!

The company is founded on the idea that having products you believe in backed by a team that inspires you enables each of us to live our best lives.The products are derived from 100% organically grown U.S. hemp—certified free of THC.

Olympia Gardens has all PREMIUM PRODUCTS

Launched in 2018 by lifelong entrepreneur Torian J. Dysonwolfe, Olympus Gardens Las Vegas is focused on creating more than just high-quality products. We also offer a lucrative opportunity for motivated and passionate people with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Olympus Gardens Las Vegas offers premium, powerful and proven hemp products designed to restore balance and wellness.

We couldnt be more happy, We are one of the top ten power players in the CBD Industry! With over 40 different selections in products and growing!