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cbd isolate turning pink

CBD Guru’s mission began with health in mind. We desired to grow in a position to be able to provide affordable and active cannabidiol for our customers. We started with a minimal budget and now interact with thousands of individual customers and hundreds of white label/wholesale business partners.

When you make that switch over to an all-natural therapeutic solution, you want to understand the best state for the product to be in. There are sublingual oils, different consistencies, edibles, e-liquids, teas, and more.

Dietary supplementation activates vital pathways to care for the endocannabinoid system. This endogenous system has receptors and signaling compounds in nearly every tissue of the body. These elements work in harmony to maintain homeostasis and peace in our many physiological functions.

Why is My CBD Oil Pink?

Can CBD oil be clear in colour? Absolutely. Is clear CBD oil good? That depends. The clarity of our oil is based on a few factors. We utilise a highly refined MCT oil, which occurs in a translucent state, as our primary carrier oil. Competitors will offer less refined material oils or use hemp seed oils instead.

Our highly refined oil removes nearly all additional plant nutrients, including chlorophyll and lipids. This leaves a mild flavor with a lightly coloured clear liquid. As a result, we produce a high CBD, low plant material, concentrated, and versatile product that is easy to consume with minimal flavor.

Don’t turn your back on the power of the highly refined MCT oil used in our products. This lipid carrier allows for the healthy absorption of cannabidiol in the intestinal tract. The system is flushed with vital CBD allowing for the nutritional benefits to positively impact the body. If you notice a little pink? It’s a good thing! This CBD colour indicates that the product came from a broad spectrum hemp extraction with polyphenols that are being delivered to your system.

Our diet, specifically the intake of omega fatty acids, can lead to an increase in endogenous cannabinoid activity. Think about the many fish oil benefits. They range from anti-inflammation, anti-oxidation, and joint health to mood stability and more. All of these factors are rooted in the body’s ability to transmute omega fatty acids into the 2-AG and AEA endocannabinoid compounds.

Rather than freaking out about the hue of your CBD isolate products, you can relax and know you’re consuming top-notch CBD and coconut oil! Many CBD oils are made with a coconut oil as the base. Pink coconut oil is actually a sign that the oil being used is high-quality. Don’t think that your CBD product has “gone bad.” Coconut oil doesn’t just turn pink in CBD products, but also in items containing coconut oil, coconut water, and the high-tier coconut oils. Have you seen natural coconut water labels that discuss this color changing process too?

When purchasing coconut products, or frankly any product out there, freshness and minimal processing should be a high priority. A pale pink coconut product is actually a sign of its high quality because the pasteurization process (or processing) would prevent it from being as pure and raw as possible, therefore removing all nutrients and the coconuts natural vitamins and minerals.

The color does not compromise the effectiveness of your products.

When antioxidants are exposed to different levels of light and oxygen, they can turn pink. Natural coconuts oxidize on their own as well. After being open for a time, the sugars oxidize and cause a pink top layer of the coconut. The same is seen to happen with CBD tinctures which are commonly infused with MCT coconut oil to suspend with the CBD isolate. This natural process is similar to the browning effect of apples and avocados.

The discoloration occurs in part due to the antioxidant density & oxidation process of coconuts.

Feel free to continue using your pink CBD products with confidence. Storing your CBD tinctures and products in the refrigerator is a viable option to slow down the degradation and color changing process. It is safe for the cannabinoids and can even prolong the shelf life of your products.

Many of us are in awe when our CBD oil turns pink. Is it spoilt? Can I still use it? Is it safe now? These are a few questions that continuously pop in our minds. However, the good news is that there is nothing to worry about. Let us understand the route of how the CBD oil turns pink and its mechanism of action.

When the cannabidiol oil gets exposed to oxygen and light, its color turns out to pink. CBD, on its own, is difficult to absorb by the human body. Therefore, CBD oils are amalgamated with medium-chain triglycerides oils for better absorption of CBD into the bloodstream. The pink transformation of color is due to the polyphenol oxidase enzyme in the medium-chain triglycerides oils. The pink change is an indication that the medium-chain triglyceride oil in your product is of high quality. As a result, it is cent percent safe to use.

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Can I Use the Pink Oil?

In contrast to the ethanol extraction process, the green CBD oil has its color owing to the carbon dioxide extraction process. Chlorophyll gives the oil a greenish tinge. In addition to that, if you are seeking answers to your CBD questions, you can check out CBD FAQ’s for better understanding.

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