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CBD blocks an enzyme, fatty acid amide hydrolase or FAAH, which breaks down the body’s natural cannabinoids, anandamide and 2-AG. Studies show anandamide may share the same properties as THC, including the high.

According to Jessie Gill, RN, the founder of Marijuana Mommy, a medical cannabis information website, cannabinoids like THC and CBD can be absorbed through the nasal lining, “just like they are absorbed when taken under the tongue.” Because the nasal passages are easily irritated, she strongly recommended never snorting anything, even weed.

The short answer is yes. We can snort just about anything we can fit into our noses. One cannabis company already got the leg-up by offering a CBD nasal spray. Powdered weed, which is emulsified by binding cannabinoids to starches, can be snorted, too.

Young’s dopamine hypothesis is an outlier, as most scientists believe CBD can’t get anyone high.

But can snorting weed actually get anyone high?

But not all weed products are created equal. The bioavailability of a snorted cannabinoid depends on the product’s design. For example, snorting a line of pure kief won’t get anyone high, but it will burn the sinuses.

How could crystallized weed get someone high, though?

To not bore you, I'll cut to the chase. Read the back story if interested.

I found that when I had a good product I could notice a psychological change—although subtle—almost like intense clarity and mental alignment occured (usually when dabbed).

I smashed up CBD isolate crystals into a fine powder and snorted it. To my surprise, it was smooth, tasteless, did not burn, and provided immediate CBD effects—much like taking a dab. I only found one article online about somebody doing this (very recently), and evidently the guy in the article was shocked that it was an effective method.

Ultimately, I'd like to challenge the taboo of snorting isolate. This experiment is to push the limits of this culture and see what is possible. I didn't do this to promote some sort of high-school sentiment that plays off of shock value.

Any real science or experience is welcomed in this discussion. Please keep an open mind and try to provide a balanced view.

Please don't snort cbd lmao


Those halarious christian anti weed fb memes are coming true. Holy fuck.

Okay, I guess I'll inject it with this needle I found on the ground.

Rather them use suppositories? ROA is ROA. It's a false association to connect it with cocaine or similar drugs people use to get high. Same with kids using a nasal inhaler, which companies have already made for CBD. I agree though, it's funny at first 🙂