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My sister wasn't sure exactly how effective it was, but she said her mood was unusually good and she was unusually industrious last night (I was there helping her get ready for Christmas.)

My sister has a lot of pain issues, but doesn't like THC for various reasons. So for Christmas, I got her a cheap Sig Minibook, a Saionara, and some CBD crystalline on BF deals. She was a little intimidated because she had never vaped before, so I took a few hits as a guinea pig.

I was vaping the Johnny Apple CBD Calm formula, which has terps added. I tried it on the Miracle A coil, power mode, 10.5 W. I did 2 button pulses at 5 seconds each and blew out a respectable little cloud. Taste was good but aftertaste was a little heavy on the Pine Sol. My sister did a couple 7-8 second pulses and gave herself a coughing fit.

Overall i think the A coil on the Sai is an EXCELLENT way to vape CBD crystals. I'm getting a gram for myself so that I can experiment at home and report on further results.

Otherwise is there something else I can attach to my battery to do this? Thanks

So I know you can dab CBD isolate, but I want to vape it. I'm not looking for a dab rig or whatever, I don't want to make e-juice. can I just use an herbal vaporizer? Or any concentrate tank?

Cbdistillary in there BTW. Also tried the terpsolate recently and I'll be sticking with the isolate in the future

I have a Saionara with triple titanium wrapped quartz coils. I threw a little dab sized chunk of the isolate slab and melted it in, then used my mod to vape away

I vape it in the Sai like anything else. I really don't do much different with different consistencies and extracts

Phytodabs or thecbdistillery. I got a broad spectrum wax from thecbdistillery that was horrible though. It tasted like Damiana herb.

I usually just get isolate.

Close but no cigar, MI

Which do you prefer? What would you recommend I get. I just want to try it out. I have the saionara with all the coils but the new ones and donut

U Canadian? We have a few great options up here.