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cbd isolate not working

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“I feel normal, but do not feel the effect of CBD?”

However, many sources and consumers report that a reasonable starting dose would be between 10-50mg per day, while others state upwards of 100mg a day. So, again this would be for you to trial and adjust accordingly, which brings up the question of bottle potency. Many products contain less than 5mg per dose / per ml, so trial and error with these products would be challenging, somewhat expensive, and likely ineffective overall.


Let us clear up the last reason CBD is not “working” first.
You’re expecting, or you’ve been informed, you’ll feel a buzz, similar to a THC high.
This expectation isn’t going to happen 99% of the time; CBD and its companion cannabinoids don’t affect us in that way. They’re non-intoxicating. They could, in some cases, give a sense of calm, relaxation, or what’s known as a “body high.” But, you’re not going to get “stoned” unless you take high doses containing THC.

Working out the products’ possible dosing amount is fairly simple. Take the full CBD value and divide it by the milliliter value of the bottle. You’ll quickly be able to work out how many doses you have to play with while you learn your requirements. Our 1000mg CBD oil comes in a 30ml bottle. 100 / 30 = 33mg per ml. Approx 20 drop per ml of oil = 1.65mg per drop.

You are not feeling any difference from CBD, and it has you puzzled? You’re thinking, “I got scammed, I’ve wasted my money, and now I don’t know what to do?” Sounds familiar, right?

Because I don’t need it. Not everyone needs a vitamin D supplement, so make sense to me that I might not need CBD. Buttttttt I’m going to keep taking it. Because 1. I’m doing a 30-day experiment and 2. I keep hearing cannabis and CBD researchers and experts say we should be adding external cannabinoids to our system so we don’t deplete our endocannabinoids (i.e. the cannabinoids our body naturally produces via our endocannabinoids system).

All of that made sense to me. Because it’s the same with herbs and vitamins. Your vitamin D supplement needs more than a couple days to do its thing. Same with your B12. And your magnesium. And all the other vitamins and herbs we use. So I intuitively got that my CBD might need some extra time in my system before it showed out.

And I don’t really have those. At least not often. Sure, I get anxiety every now and again. But I don’t have it regularly enough that it stops me from doing things. Nor do I have debilitating pain. Or bowel issues. So, yea. Maybe I’m not the ideal candidate for CBD and that’s why it’s not working.

Digestive & Bowel Disorders

Because, the truth is, I don’t know if it is working. Because I don’t feel more stressed. But I also don’t know if I feel less stressed. I really can’t tell. Which Crystal said is normal in the beginning of one’s CBD journey — especially when they are using it for stress. Because, when it comes to stress management, shifts with CBD are often subtle. Plus, she added, it can take a couple weeks for CBD to feel like it’s working in some people.


Maybe. But maybe not. Because the other reason CBD is not working for me is because I’m not an ideal CBD candidate. After all, CBD is found to work for people who have: