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cbd isolate manufacturing equipment


With the UP400St (400 watts), you get a powerful ultrasonic extractor, which easily processes up to approx. 2gal per batch. The setup and operation of the UP400St is quick and simple and allows for a fast processing of manifold smaller lots in row. The sonication duration for a 2 gallon beaker of hemp slurry takes 2-5 min. Since the change between the batches is so simple and quickly done, the UP400St is capable to process up to 20 gallons per hour.
The picture on the right shows the ultrasonic hemp extractor UP400St for the extraction of cannabinoids such as CBD from industrial hemp in an 8L (1.8gal) beaker. The mechanical stirrer on the left side promotes the macro-movements of the slurry for a uniform ultrasonic treatment of the hemp.
If your looking for an ultrasonic extractor capable to process larger barrels of hemp, the UP2000hdT (2000 watts, see pic. left) is the right hemp extraction equipment for you. Easy and safe to use as the UP400St, the UP2000hdT comes with 2000 watts ultrasonic power and can handle batch extractions of up to 26 gal barrels (120liters) per run.

Hemp extraction using ultrasonic solvent extraction equipment is a simple, cost-efficient and very scaleable way to extract CBD from hemp. Ultrasonic hemp extractors are easy to install and can be used in batch production or inline at throughput. Ultrasonics ensures that you get very high hemp extraction yields.

Why is Ultrasonic Extraction the Best Method?

Ultrasonic extraction of hemp oil and CBD extracts with ultrasonicator UP400St


Ultrasonic extraction of hemp oils and CBD extracts

For highly professional CBD extraction from large lots of hemp on fully commercial scale, the installation of an ultrasonic inline extractor gives you really large production capacities. The UIP4000hdT is a 4000 watts powerful ultrasonic hemp extractor, equipped with flow cell which feeds the hemp directly into the ultrasonic cavitation field, where the cannabinoids are released from the plant cells. Depending on the hemp slurry and solvent concentration, the UIP4000hdT can easily process up to 2gal/min. The processing capacity can be easily increased by installing several units of the UIP4000hdT in parallel.
The UIP16000 comes with 16,000 watts ultrasonic power and processes up to 22gal/min.
All Hielscher ultrasonic extractors are designed and manufactured in Germany and fullfil highest quality standards. The are built for 24/7 operation under full load, robust, user-friendly and safe to operate. Digital touch-screens, automatic data protocolling, and browser remote control are just a few of the key features, which make Hielscher ultrasonic extractors the preferred ultrasonicators for hemp oil extraction.

Crystallization is a common Isolation method used to separate a substance in its pure form from a mixture. In cannabinoid applications, crystallization is often used to isolate CBD with additional cannabinoids like THC, terpenes, and other plant components stripped out.

Under proper conditions, crystals form creating a highly purified substance. Crystals will begin to nucleate when the substrate in the solvent becomes supersaturated and then process conditions can be dictated to control either nucleation or crystal growth. Many crystallization processes are done with batch reactors as it allows for precise control of these attributes. Pope Cannabis Distllation offers a variety of equipment and turnkey solutions for crystallization.

The amount of hemp plant material needed to produce a specific quantity of CBD oil differs based on the extraction method used. The yields for different extraction methods are as follows:

Once again, this depends on the CBD extraction method:

9) Where is the manufacturer located?

The level of expertise needed depends on the extraction method:

1) Which CBD extraction process should I use?

Here are a few manufacturers we found that offer training with purchase: