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cbd isolate manufacturers colorado

Honey Gold Processing currently has CBD isolate in inventory to sell to retail manufacturers of CBD related products. We are located in Boulder Colorado and we are able to ship worldwide.

The material is transported from our farm storage location to the Honey Gold Processing lab. Our lab technicians then use an alcohol / ethanol extraction method to pull the cannabinoids and terpenes from the raw botanicals. The solution extract is then run through a multi-step process of evaporation, purification, and distillation. Our final step utilizes chromatography, based on our customer’s formulation specifications to remove some or all remaining THC.

Our CBD Isolate Crystal

To download our COA, click the following link: PDF of COA for CBD Isolate

First, we start with high potency, high quality industrial hemp that has less than 0.3% THC. The hemp is licensed in the state of Colorado and organically grown without pesticides. Next, we extract the cannabinoids into crude oil with stainless steel extractors at -50c to -80c. This ensures that the fats and waxes stay in the plant material and do not enter the crude oil. The crude oil is decarbed to remove any volitiles. Then, the crude oil is distilled twice to create a pure, clean distillate. Lastly, the distillate is seeded with pure CBD crystals, which grow to form larger 100% CBD crystals. These crystals are washed, cleaned, and oven vaccum dried to form our 100% pure CBD isolate. To view our COA, please click here: PDF of COA for CBD Isolate.

Honey Gold Processing is now able to ship CBD isolate and THC free distillate worldwide. Call or email us for pricing and availability.

He holds a Master of Science in Biochemistry from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs and a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management from University of Nebraska, Lincoln

After testing, the hemp is run through a proprietary extraction process that yields a highly potent crude oil. This raw product is then taken through a multi-step purification and distillation process that allows us to separate and remove unwanted compounds from the hemp extract, ultimately preserving the beneficial components such as cannabinids and terpenes.

Mr. Mirzakhanov possesses over 20 years of experience in cannabis cultivation, extraction, formulation and business development. His expertise straddles medical, recreational and CBD hemp markets in Colorado, as well as other legal market states. Filipp’s field of specialty spans from small/boutique to large scale laboratory setup for extraction, post extraction, distillation, analytical, isolate production, cannabinoid separation, synthesis and formulation. His latest focus is in cannabinoid formulation, product development into extract, edible, cosmetic, vape liquid, water soluble powder, sublingual, transdermal, and other forms of effective and efficient drug delivery.

Our Director of Chemistry and Formulation, Filipp Mirzakhanov

Our internal procedures and proprietary extraction technology result in high capacity hemp processing while maintaining superior purity and potency standards. This allows us to minimize batch variability and consistently deliver the highest-grade hemp oils and CBD concentrates. Each batch of our extracts and oils are additionally submitted for third party lab testing. We share these results with you to ensure full transparency into product quality and purity.

PrimeEx is a leading processor of premium quality CBD Isolate and non-detectable Broad Spectrum Distillate. Our proprietary extraction technology enables us to surpass market standards and provide our customers with high potency, cannabinoid rich large-scale products at competitive wholesale prices.

Because we pride ourselves on achieving the highest standard of quality, purity and potency, third party testing takes place at each stage of the manufacturing process. Testing starts with the harvested hemp to ensure that it meets our potency standards and is free of heavy metals and other contaminants.

This process ensures that our CBD Distillates contain the synergistic compounds necessary to produce the entourage effect which contributes directly to the efficacy and potency of our product.

All our products are organically grown on our farm in Colorado and are GMO, Pesticide and Herbicide free, containing only Full Spectrum Hemp Flower oil. CFH oil is CO2 extracted and contains all the specific phytocannabinoid and terpene profiles that make it most effective for addressing health issues.

CFH products DO NOT contain oil extracted from the stalks, stems, leaves, or seeds which have much lower quality, and less concentrated cannabinoids.

CFH, Ltd. is a Colorado based vertically integrated CBD oil BioScience company producing Full Spectrum Hemp Flower CBD Extract.

Many product manufacturers purchase CBD oil from wholesale sources or purchase flower from various sources that CANNOT provide CBD source traceability. Remember to always ask your CBD product supplier: Who Grew the Product? How was it Grown? What’s the genetic origin? How was theFlower oil Extracted? Was the final product made with isolate and other fractionated molecules or from Full Spectrum Hemp Flower Oil? If they can’t answer or provide a chain of custody story or documentation, come see CFH. It’s all about your health.

CFH provides a complete chain of custody and production data documentation all the way from the DNA of the seed to the product you purchase. This means that you will get the same results from CFH product every time.

At CFH, Ltd., we are working to develop unique cannabis genetics that express specific, predetermined cannabinoid and terpene profiles targeting specific health issues. Our goal is to insure the expression of these profiles in each and every batch of our product. It is our application of genetic and plant bioscience research & development that allows us to deliver both predictability and consistency all the way through the process. By controlling the entire supply chain from the DNA in the seed genetics through propagation, cultivation, and extraction, we are able to deliver standardized and consistent ingredients to our formulators every time.