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cbd isolate crystals reddit

I press hemp flower and dab the rosin, usually about a half gram a day. I find I get much better effects from the full spectrum wax / rosin than from the isolate but it was too expensive for me to keep buying it as it is 2-3x more expensive per gram than the isolate so I went to the hemp flower.

And if you use only isolate your reclaim forms in crystals it's actually dope.

I recommend slab isolate, I don't think I can name vejdor names but powder is annoying to load.

Anyone else use just isolate?

Do you mind if I ask which brand you get or where you buy from? I'm definitely interested in a powder form since I am very very bad with loading the coils cleanly. It's kind of sad actually lol

Daily. I've been getting powder, but have a handy scoop that measures approx 20mg. Fairly easy to dump a half-snowball onto coils or in a cup with it.

Do you get it from the usual vendors (TF) or do you have your own sources? I didn't think that quality was high enough to press yet, there have been a few people asking this question specifically and you making a post on the CBD sub would be very welcome. I know you can add moisture and some other tricks, but I'd be curious to hear your source to extract process.

What is a good dose (in terms of milligrams) to start at for the treatment of anxiety and chronic pain?

It is a pure white powder with some crystalline chunks and smells of terpenes. It came with a CoA that shows an analysis of 98.7% CBD. How can I effectively consume this? I have a quartz nail dab rig, and the budtender said it's possible to dab the powder. However, I enjoy precision with my chemicals, so I would like to know if measuring out a specific amount and putting it into a capsule would be effective.

Does anybody know the various bioavailabilities for different routes of administration?

UPDATE: I weighed out and dabbed 15mg of the crystal CBD. I instantly felt a warmth envelop my body, starting at my feet and moving quickly up to my head. My chronic back pain dissipated instantly and I felt a sense of calm overtake me. I've dabbed Harlequin oil before, but never pure CBD extract. I don't feel high/stoned, just calm, "light", and a bit tingly. Tomorrow, I will be weighing out a dose and putting it into a gelatin capsule. This is good stuff and I'll continue to update 🙂

The only change I do is add a few drops of peppermint for flavor.

my personal recipe is to dissolve 1000mg CBD isolate per 15ml of gently warmed olive or MCT oil.

Thanks guys, have a nice day.

My goal would be to have something to mix in my tea/coffee or to take sublingually.

This is my go to recipe: Basic Tincture

makes approx 4mg per drop.

Can the crystals also be consumed as is ?