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Hand-Crafted CBD Infused Ice Cream

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The Future Is Frozen

For you health nuts, try adding fresh strawberries.

Feeling adventurous? Try it on apple crisp.

This delicious celebration is redefining sweet and sour. The flavor is sure to energize your taste buds while chilling you out. See for yourself how the two flavors are balanced to sweet perfection in this delicious treat.

Wilkinson, 49, will keep making the shop’s non-CBD Mr. Cannoli desserts, and selling some in Happy Shack, but he’ll mainly focus on wholesaling them. He’ll also continue contract manufacturing and labeling the CBD foods under the Mr. Birdsall’s brand.

Birdsall and the custom motorcycle shop, featured for 13 seasons mostly on the Discovery Channel, recently unveiled an orange-flavored CBD ice for sale at the shop.

Plus, shop employees plan to make a custom Mr. Birdsall’s bike on their TV show. The bike will include a refrigerated sidecar for Birdsall to ride around the country selling and scooping CBD ice.

Birdsall sells a pint of Italian ice with 125 mg of CBD for $25, while a cannoli with 30 mg of CBD costs $10. He only sells BCD foods to customers age 18 and older, though the chemical does not produce a high.

After the mid-term elections, Congress is expected to pass a bipartisan farm bill, co-sponsored by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, with a landmark provision legalizing hemp. But states will likely be left to regulate CBD.

Though CBD does not produce a high, the shop only sells to customers 18 or older. A pint of Italian ice with 125 mg of CBD is $25, while a cannoli with 30 mg of CBD is $10. Those items are labeled as including the compound.

But Birdsall and Wilkinson are manufacturing inside a thicket of complex federal and state laws. Wilkinson said that, this past week, a state Department of Agriculture and Markets’ representative told them they’re “in a gray area,” and advised them to stop.

In a joint statement, spokespeople with the state Department of Health and the state Department of Agriculture and Markets declined to say whether the Italian ices and cannoli CBD products are legal. They said federal and state laws are so complex that anyone seeking to make a CBD food product should consult lawyers.

“If the CBD (in the cannolis and ices) was derived from hemp that was grown legally under the farm bill, it’s probably legal, but certain states limit the ability of people to transfer the product grown in that state,” said attorney Joseph Bondy, a leading New York-based cannabis policy expert. “The question is: If you’re licensed to handle food products in New York, can you buy CBD from another state and insert it into a food product?”

Meanwhile, the fledgling CBD food-additive business could be squelched before it even grows, if the U.S. Food and Drug Administration steps in to regulate the chemical as medicine. The FDA is already overseeing CBD in a new epilepsy drug.