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cbd ice cream lining

Under the hood, the Ice Cream plant packs copious amounts of trichomes, tightly clustered, its heads lining up in regimental rows and glistening with a resinous glow. Like the ice cream you always wished for, expect the palette to dance with vanilla and pine while the aroma is pure old school skunk.

We spent our time breeding this beauty. The result is a plant that is perfectly suited for indoor grow operations thanks to rapid and healthy growth (8 – 9 weeks flowering time), and a general lack of stretching. This makes it an ideal option as a multi-branch plant and also makes it perform spectacularly as part of a Sea Of Green (SOG) operation.

This is one of our new generation varieties, bred from classic original lines to produce a plant that comes with its own strong identity. An instant hit when we released this specialist strain, it also won the over the taste buds of the High Life cup judges who voted it in their top 3 two years in a row.

The name comes from the smoothness that makes Ice Cream a winner with growers and smokers around the world. Why the Ferrari tag then? Because once this plant clicks into gear it takes off like a racing red sports car, fast and furious. And what a ride!

As creamy as vanilla, trichome heavy, this Ferrari among plants comes with an indica extra-strong label and a strong old time skunk aroma.

La Ferrari. Don’t let the name Ice Cream fool you. It will lick you down if you’re not careful thanks to the potency of this exotic plant.

Outdoors, Ice Cream may not be the biggest yielder, but it is still popular with growers looking to benefit from that indica strength. It performs satisfactorily in regions as far north as Canada, the UK and the Netherlands, but it is in the south that it adapts best – sunshine coaxing the best from its resinous buds.

Moreover, Ben & Jerry’s seeks to implement this product in Vermont which is where they opened the first ice cream shop. That was in 1978 and since then, they’ve grown so much that they are among the best-selling and sought-after ice creams on the market.

In May of this year, Ben & Jerry’s made public their intention to create a CBD ice cream! They said they “can’t wait to get into the latest food trend with cannabidiol.”

It should be noted that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) currently prohibits adding CBD to food and beverages.

The US company Ben & Jerry’s announced its desire to make CBD ice cream as soon as it is fully legalized

Courtesy: Ben & Jerry’s

The company’s CEO, Matthew McCarthy, said they do what they do for their customers. They are committed to their desires and needs, and that’s how they’ve innovated products that weren’t originally in their catalog. Lactose-free desserts, for example. They also confirmed that, beyond following trends, they seek to create ice creams based on sustainable cannabidiol.

If you’re here and have not yet read our articles on cannabidiol, what are you waiting for? Get some context! In one article, we explain what CBD is and, in the other, we talk about the differences between CBD and THC. We also have one where we list legalized products that are already marketed for pharmaceutical purposes in the US.

So by now, we know that CBD doesn’t cause addiction or get you high either. It does, however, have many benefits.