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cbd hot freeze salve

Cold-pressed & unrefined raw materials retain vital living nutrients which feed our skin what it needs to be healthy and vibrant. Inesscents™ is committed to creating products that support optimal skin wellness which is why we ethically source high-quality, cold-pressed, organic ingredients. We protect the integrity of our precious botanicals to enhance efficacy, consistency, and freshness.

We use a CO2 Extraction process to create a pure, non-toxic high-quality oil. This method is environmentally friendly and eliminates the need for harsh chemicals used in other extraction processes.

Whether you’re gym loving, trail tromping, overworked, or just plain worked, Inesscents Hot Freeze topicals were created especially for you. Formulated in a potent eight herb organic botanical base, we combined the warming benefits of cayenne & black pepper with the cooling effects of menthol – then topped it all off with full spectrum CBD extract made from agricultural hemp. Specifically designed to provide support to the body, this blend is perfect for use at the gym or on the go.

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Our hemp is locally sourced from our certified organic partner farm in Southern Oregon, using certified organic seeds (by Oregon Tilth). It is grown using sustainable and regenerative farming techniques to minimize end use waste.

Ingredients: *sunflower seed oil, *arnica whole herb and flower, *calendula flowers, *cayenne, *chamomile flowers, *chickweed, *comfrey root, *lavender flowers, *nettle leaf, *yarrow flowers, *beeswax, *peppermint oil, *menthol, *olive oil, *black pepper oil, hemp CO2 extract, *frankincense oil, *marjoram oil, *clove oil and *helichrysum oil.

Because of the heaviness and thickness of this CBD stick, this has been the most helpful for my body.

I am a trail runner and as you can assume, my knees take a regular beating. This provides almost instant relief. It works! It helps and its soothing. I love it. 12/10 would recommend!

My Daughter bought this salve for me and it works wonderfully.

BEST CBD Product I've ever used.

Got this as a gift for my surrogate dad and he loves it. Very happy with this brand!

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Inesscents Salvation is a topical skin nourishing salve infused with high potency CBD (cannabinoid) CO2 extract made from organically grown hemp. We have blended this revolutionary extract with organic herbal infusions and essential oils to provide optimal results.

Very easy to use and effective. Inesscents is a great company to do business with and has quick shipping.

Inesscents Salvation is a topical skin nourishing salve infused with high potency CBD (cannabinoid) CO2 extract made from organically grown hemp.

Contains 130-170mg CBD

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Suggested Use: Massage a small amount into desired area as needed.

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