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The fast growing CBD industry has resulted in a wide range of countless buzzy CBD brands cropping up over the last few years, and certainly not all of them are efficacious–any cannabis pro and cannabis site will tell you–not all hemp CBD products are created equal. Even among the top CBD brands, there’s variation in strength, quality, and additional ingredients. So the editors of Rogue carefully hand selected the best CBD brands on the market and after trying/researching over a hundred brands, we specially vetted the top and highest potency products for consumption.

Unless you’ve been tucked far under a rock over the last few years, odds are you’ve heard of an ingredient called CBD (short for cannabidiol) and its meteoric rise. CBD is taking over everything from beauty products to personal lubricants, vapes, and even booze. When isolated on its own, the CBD compound is not psychoactive and is widely known for its muscle relaxant properties, without getting you high. While CBD is non-psychoactive, it can create a general feeling of well-being and calmness, more akin to getting a good night’s rest or taking a relaxing bath as opposed to the giggle-ridden, couch locked variety brought on by THC. CBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory that is also neuro-calming and effective in treating a number of ailments from seizures and insomnia, to anxiety and arthritis. Its therapeutic benefits are widespread and CBD is fast becoming the world’s most popular wellness alternative to medications.

Tinctures/Oils, Edibles, Topicals, Pet, Capsules, Vapes, Skincare

After an exhaustive selection process, we narrowed down our favorites from full spectrum to isolates, from the most widely known, to the best newcomers.The efficacy of CBD products is a function of several factors in combination: the quality of the extractions used; specific diversity of compounds along with the terpenes in the formulation (Entourage Effect); and bio-availability of the final product. As with many holistic products, it’ll come down to personal preference and how your body reacts.

There are many other factors that might matter to you as a purveyor of CBD, so in this extensive guide, we’ve included some important and summarized information/descriptions about each brand for you to consider. The CBD industry is growing remarkably fast, and we’ve inevitably left some great brands off this list. Ultimately there’s a few brands we dig that didn’t make it into the guide this time, but the comprehensive info we compiled in this roundup should help you select quality CBD brands even if they weren’t on this list.

All products can be ordered online and delivered right to your door or picked up in-store. We’ve broken down our recommendations into 7 categories:

Our AAA Trim shake is great for many uses. A lot of consumers use trim as a method to make inexpensive oils, kief, and concentrates.

Walk into any cannabis store today, or shop on the web at any online dispensary and you will find the genetic fingerprints of OG Kush all over contemporary West Coast cannabis varieties.

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OG Kush is not just well-respected by budtenders, but it is also one of the most popular strains around. OG Kush is said to be a social strain and is often used to spark lively conversations and get the party going.

OG Kush first came to prominence in Florida during the 1990s. Bred as a hybrid of indica and sativa, it rapidly became well-known for its distinctive terpene profile and gained instant respect from marijuana aficionados.

OG Kush has a unique terpene profile produces an instantly recognisable and unforgettable aroma that blends an earthy, musty odour with citrus tones. Once broken open, the buds give off a bright, unmistakable pine scent.