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I figured that every other time I took cbd I didn't even feel anything so. I decided to get the highest mg I could find and try it out. I had a full on trip. It was like a weed high but more intense. While I was walking back from break I looked up at the building 3 times and I didn't feel like I got any closer. I felt like I was frozen in time walking. I walked forever and finally got to the door. I couldn't look anyone in the eyes because I felt like it was obvious that I was high. I mean this shit is STRONG. I was basically having panic attacks back to back but somehow being able to compose myself enough to keep doing my job. I keep reading about cbd and it says its not supposed to get you high. I call bullshit unless the gummies I got have something else in them. Anyone ever experience anything like this? Are my gummies tainted? I honestly am thinking that that aren't just cbd. Maybe not even THC either. But something else. I've NEVER had an experience like that and I've done a lot of drugs.

I've had gummies that are 10mg ea. That's actually a pretty high dose considering how easy it is to munch them down. Yes avoid Amazon!

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Don't buy from Amazon! They have no real CBD. If you have a clinical anxiety diagnosis then you may need a higher dosage. Gummies are good for making it easy to take your dose but the potency is cut when it goes through your system. People generally recommend vaping or smoking flower if you are dealing with severe anxiety. With that said, I personally take plus CBD gummies. They are low dose though which is fine with me because I only need 5 mg. If you really want to try gummies, then try cbdistillary. Shipping had been a little delayed but it's the only company I can personally voche for where I bought gummies. Buy a higher dose batch.

For years I’ve been suffering from anxiety. I was on prescription anxiety meds for a while, but I’m really over using those. My therapist suggested CBD oil, and I’m really interested in trying the gummy version. I saw some on groupon for 14-20$, but I’m sure that may not be the most legitimate. Does anyone have good suggestions for where to buy gummies from? Is Groupon reputable? I think the brands are like JustCBD, Live Green Hemp or something like that, Kangaroo CBD. Even Amazon I’m not sure I trust. Ideally I would like to try something on the cheaper end that’s reputable and works. Thanks all!

I have a nice microdosing regimen in the evening and sometimes have some of their indica gummies for an extra relaxing night too. Highly recommend their product.

Hello. You should try Calm by Wellness Co.Their gummies are the best. Ive been consuming it for a couple of months now and I must say they are really effective and very delicious. It's quality is very assuring cause it uses the highest grade domestically grown hemp plants in Colorado and manufactured by PhD's from top-rated universities. You can also try it risk-free because they have 30 days money back guarantee!!

It helped me with my Anxiety and I hope it helped yours too. God Bless

OP, did you get stoned?

Those might really have 7mg thc in them. Haha.

I wonder if that lab is reputable. It’s an interesting report at least. It’s less than .3% dry weight. But I could see dense edibles as a loophole in that case. I feel like that’s too good to be true.

OP can you take a picture of the nutritional label? The math isn’t adding up for me.

Any major benefits you can highlight?

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Do these really contain 7.10mg THC in each gummy as the lab report shows? That's a very surprising amount, considering most full-on THC edibles are 5–10mg per serving.