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cbd gummy bears reddit

I didn't know what CBD was, but I paid 20 bucks at my local weed shop for gummy bears that are 10mg each, with a total of 100mg. I thought they were regular edibles I just thought CBD was the name brand lol if I take all of them, will I get high?

I won't feel literally anything?

Nah bro it was a waste of my 20 dollars I do weed to feel high.

Not a waste. Still working internally doing good inside but maybe no noticeable effect externally

CBD Gummies won't get you high so don't worry about that. CBD Products have got the properties to even cure Cancer. One of my friends was suffering from insomnia so I recommended him CBD Gummies. It provides relaxation to your mind and body. CBD is truly outstanding for curing diseases.

What are your opinions on CBD gummies? Which brands are your go to? I need help with mood relaxation and severe high functioning anxiety but I don’t know where to start.

I love gummies. Funky Farms has some awesome ones that are THC free but my favorite is Lunchbox Alchemy Squibs. It's a round gummie that you cut into 10ths to experiment with your dosing. It contains <.3% THC.

I'm going to ask a redundant question, maybe, but have you perceived any real difference between the sublingual CBD oils and the gums?

I'll start by mentioning I've had a lousy experience with NuLeaf Naturals CBD oil (which is full spectrum.) Perhaps that's because I'm a hypersensitive and need to go with pure CBD, but I'm not sure if that's the problem, or something else.

I wonder if that lab is reputable. It’s an interesting report at least. It’s less than .3% dry weight. But I could see dense edibles as a loophole in that case. I feel like that’s too good to be true.

Any major benefits you can highlight?

I got in contact with them on Facebook. They say the labs are correct. But claim there is no psychoactive effect. Hmmm.

Those might really have 7mg thc in them. Haha.

OP can you take a picture of the nutritional label? The math isn’t adding up for me.

EDIT: I've reached out to the vendor for clarification, so I'll update this post when I receive a response.

I’m not sure.? I’m not a spokesperson for the company for anything. Is that good that it has 7 mg in each one ? Idk lol