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cbd gummies on facebook

Yes, Native ads are often criticized as a medium for social paid advertising because it can feel as if the network or advertisers are deliberately deceiving users into believing that the paid advertising placements are actually organic content.

Sometimes, improving your chances could be as easy as having an agency with a good track record publish your ads. Other times, this can look like taking a break from CBD and hemp related advertising and focusing on something else for awhile.

With hemp becoming medically and fully legal across the US, there’s been increasing pressure for Facebook to open the gates when it comes to their CBD ads policy. We believe that given time, Facebook is going to cave and make our lives a little easier.

What is Native Advertising on Facebook?

This means that on average 64 million Americans have tried or are currently using CBD.

Remember: when it comes to hemp ad policy and CBD and Facebook ads, you run the risk of having your account deleted whenever you get rejected. You can combat this by making certain that you’re doing what we described above: focusing on other things when possible to keep your track record positive.

When it comes to what you can post on Facebook organically, there are much fewer limits, making it totally acceptable to market CBD on your business page.


And I'd add this: if CBD really does do a fraction of the things claimed, then why do shysters have to create fictional posts using fake celebrity endorsements to sell it?

Clicking on the link in the Esther Rantzen article leads to a site making astonishing claims for CBD, saying it can reverse ailments including cancer, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, strokes, diabetes, schizophrenia “and much, much more”.

So I have no doubt that Facebook plugs for a “miracle” cannabis extract are 100% scam.

“Wouldn't overworked NHS docs, struggling to fit a quart into a pint pot, be saying to their patients: 'No need to tell me what's wrong with you or have me examine you. At last we've found a panacea that is supported by scientific data. Just take these pills and you're bound to make a miraculous recovery.”

When I initially alerted Facebook to the fraudulent post through its automatic reporting system, I received a message stating that it would not be removed.

"The post you reported was reviewed and it doesn't breach our Community Standards," was the platform's shocking verdict.

Judi Dench enthuses: “The advances Esther Rantzen has made in the CBD industry are remarkable. I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t had the chance to try it out for myself.”

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