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cbd gummies nyc reddit

Yeah, makes sense. Thanks!

Online also allows you to purchase from trusted brands.

I suffer from bipolar 2 and would really like to try CBD "products" or however you call them. I'm really new to this and would appreciate as much guidance as I can get.

Online, it's probably cheaper too.

Online is probably your best bet, especially if you're living in a state with tight cannabis regulations. There are a number of hemp-derived CBD companies that can ship products all over the country.

But also isn’t all this CBD stuff just pseudo science anyway?

CBD anything is in its Wild West phase right now. There doesn't seem to be any regulation and who the hell knows what's in the product they claim is CBD.

So what's the deal? Anyone have experience? Thanks in advance.

No stranger to weed/herb/edibles/THC, but curious about this CBD territory and the curative properties for oils, rubs etc.

I'm a fairly active runner, tall and have lower back pain. Would be curious to give CBD oils a chance but I've also heard that there's crackdown on all of that in the city, while still seeing it advertised everywhere.

I don't think so, that's why I was asking for something legit. I should have said "Can someone recommend a CBD source in NYC that has yielded results for them".

Crackdown was on folk making CBD cookies and stuff and selling them at restaurants.