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In addition, our CBD manufacturing facility will shortly be organically-certified. This certification ensures that all CBD manufacturing materials purchased will hold organic accreditation through to product delivery.

CBD Manufacturing are a Derbyshire based company who believe the route to success for all of their clients is to provide the best facilities, highest quality cannabidiol (CBD) products and outstanding customer service. We recognise that all too often companies fail to meet the needs of their customers. CBD Manufacturing strives to ensure that the cannabidiol products it manufactures are of the highest quality and that the customer experience is outstanding.

Proud members of the Cannabis Trades Association UK (CTAUK), CBD Manufacturing are kept fully appraised of changes to legislation and are active participants in steering future legislation and guidance.

Compliance is critical – all CBD products are tested to ensure that the full spectrum of cannabidiol elements meet home office and food regulations. Labels are cross checked by compliance specialists to ensure that no claims are made in contravention of current legislation.

Currently on the journey to being a certified ISO 9001 manufacturing facility we provide all of our clients the comfort of full traceability for all cannabidiol products manufactured.

We are contract manufacturer s specializing in the infusion of active ingredients into various confection formats . We provide finished product to our customers that is ready for sale and distribution. We offer a complete solution to your project development needs and have experience working with various cannabinoids, including CBD, and other nutraceuticals .

As a special division of Atlantic Candy Company, Active Confectionery boasts over 35 years of experience in contract manufacturing. For decades, our team has been trusted by the biggest brands and retailers in the candy industry. Active Confectionery is bringing our team’s level of expertise to the growing Hemp and Cannabis industries . We can provide custom solutions for nearly any development project.

Over 35 Years Experience in Contract Manufacturing