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cbd gummies make poop smell like weed

3. Switch to vaping, or better yet, edibles

If your throat becomes sore while smoking, you have difficulty speaking, or everything you eat starts to taste slightly off, it is time to take action. Those are all sure signs that THC has begun to prohibit your saliva production. In this situation, head straight to our section on “dealing with weed breath on the move” below.

For the ultimate weed breath prevention technique, edibles are the go-to option. Not having to inhale anything prevents weed particles from entering your mouth. Just remember if you do decide on edibles, wait that little bit longer before you choose to eat the whole tub.


When you think about cannabis, dizzy heights of euphoria and complete relaxation come to mind. At no point does anyone point out that for all its good, marijuana can have a very damaging effect on your breath. We don’t wish to add to anyone’s social anxiety, but nothing shuts a conversation down quicker than bad breath. Unfortunately, smoking good old mary jane directly contributes to the onset of bad breath.

Simple, fast, and effective. Chewing gum will help restore your mouth’s normal saliva production. The minty flavour can also help mask some of the undesirable smell left by weed. Mints work in precisely the same way. Being asked why you are always eating mints is far better than being asked why your breath smells like a cannabis dispensary.

You have fantastic oral hygiene, but after a quick lunchtime smoke, you feel the dreaded weed breath setting in. This isn’t a time to avoid human interaction, instead, try any of the following.

If we had to rank cannabis consumption methods in order of how much they contribute to weed breath, they would probably go joint, blunt, pipe/bong, vaporizer, edibles. Joints/spliffs are likely to be a mix of tobacco and weed—double the trouble for your breath. Pipes and bongs lack tobacco, so the risk of tar being left in your mouth is removed. They will, however, pass on oil and residue from your marijuana.

He continued, “Conversely, when it’s time to relax and empty our bowels, we don’t want to feel threatened. That has to happen in a place where we feel comfortable. But, unfortunately, a lot of people are taking their stressors around with them, even into the bathroom, with their phones or just in their minds, remaining stressed out, feeling threatened in some way.”

Dr. Sulak concluded with a word of caution: “For people with constipation not related to stress or pain, cannabis could potentially worsen the issue because it can suppress muscular contractions and secretion in the colon, the same ways in which it can help with diarrhea.”

Too stressed to go

I did a deep dive into studies on the subject, as well as consulted a couple experts, and it turns out the connection between smoking a bowl and going #2 is no coincidence. Between cannabis calming our nerves, its effect on the gut’s microbiome, and the endocannabinoid system being involved in the activity in this department, it looks like weed can, indeed, make us doodie.

Additionally, a 2019 study found that cannabis consumption was associated with a 30% decrease in constipation.

Another way to think of a parasympathetic state is “rest and digest,” with defecation being part of the digest aspect. This is opposed to the sympathetic nervous system, which prepares the body to act quickly. There is an evolutionary reason for not being able to poo while in a fight-or-flight state enacted by the sympathetic nervous system: “If we’re escaping from a bear attacking us, we don’t want to have to defecate,” said Sulak.


See A Doctor If you Have Questions- I am somewhat joking about the importance of the above questions. The above questions, other than curiosity’s sake, aren’t usually that crucial. However, any change in your bowel habits or even your sweat smelling different can signal a medical problem. For example, according to AARP, obnoxious body order can indicate a serious health condition. So, if in doubt, see a doctor if you are worried about any of the above issues.

Why Does My Poop Smell Like Weed?

The adverse effects of your sweat smelling like weed, at best, can be embarrassing. However, it can also lead to you being fired, or potentially even legal problems.

You are maybe more familiar with this happening in other situations. For example, if you don’t spit out the seeds while eating a watermelon, you will often find watermelon seeds in your poop. Additionally, after a heavy drinking night, you will also have a stench of alcohol after doing number two.

The most likely reason for your poop smelling like weed is because of edibles and simple digestion. Of course, edibles, like any food, are digested. However, depending upon how it is made, some food doesn’t digest as well. Also, some parts of the food are unable to be digested at all. When you eat something, the food will have to get digested by going through your intestines. Some cannabis remnants will likely remain in your poop, which results in the weed smell.