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cbd gummies highland

Highlands Pharms has 10mg and 20mg gummies. The potency is a low-to-mid potency supplement.

Highland Pharm gummies are ideal for children and anyone who requires CBD in moderate to low doses. The company specifies how these gummies should be consumed: they can be chewed whole or cut into halves and chewed like candy. They are ideal for treating insomnia, anxiety, pain, depression, inflammation, and pain.

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Highland Pharms CBD gummies are averagely priced, an mg of CBD costs between $1.7 – $2.0.

The highland Pharms gummies are available in only two strengths. They are tasty and can be given to give children. You can choose the 10mg or 20mg gummies. You can break them into half or quarter to get the required concentration.

Highland Pharms CBD gummies are the favorite choice for people looking for a tasty way to supplement CBD.

This is our highest concentration size of these gummies. Many children and smaller people only use 5-10mg per serving. If the 20mg serving is too great for you, they can easily be cut into halves (10mg serving size) or even quarters (5mg serving size). No matter what you need, these yummy edibles deliver for you.

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There are 30 pieces in a package and each piece has 20mg of CBD FULL SPECTRUM for a package total of 600mg. These gummies are very good tasting and make it easy to give your children the CBD you want them to have.

We also offer a lower concentration package that has 10mg gummies if that’s a better fit for you. They’re available by going to our CBD Gummies page. Whichever strength you choose, you’ve got options!