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Getting started is easy, first with a free application for the Pepperjam Affiliate Network and once approved an automatic request is submitted to join our Charlotte’s Web program therein. If you’re already joined, you may apply to our program under ID 9282.

Charlotte’s Web is also partnered with RevOffers; a leader in the legal cannabis and natural health space with curated high-converting offers. You may review RevOffers’ capabilities and join free here.

RevOffers Affiliate Network

Charlotte’s Web and Pepperjam are committed to advanced affiliate tracking that works best for you. Pepperjam’s capabilities include custom commissions, exclusive codes, and clickless tracking, to allow you to promote Charlotte’s Web anywhere online and ensure proper credit for sales. Plus, PepperJam provides robust link and offer access with detailed click, sales and commission reporting.

Note: Approval to Pepperjam can take up to 5-business days and requires submitting a trafficked website with content; in some cases, your social media profile(s) may be used. You’ll also need to submit a completed W-9 form to Pepperjam directly to receive commission checks.

Finally, Charlotte’s web is partnered with Skimlinks, which helps you monetize your editorial content automatically with affiliate product links. This is a great option for large content publishers, as they can also generate affiliate links for Charlotte’s Web content.

Customers who not that long ago were unable to buy products containing CBD now have access to hundreds of different brands, with only several clicks required to order their products. Unfortunately, not all CBD products available on the market are equal. That’s not to say that certain types of CBD products are better than others—their potency and purpose vary—but that some brands produce higher-quality products.

— We have experts who specialize in improving the conversion rates of customers who visit Our goal is to have the highest percentage of the people you send to buy our products.

People have different priorities when looking for CBD products, so their opinions might differ as well. Still, that doesn’t mean it is impossible to identify characteristics shared by the companies offering the best CBD affiliate programs. Keep an eye out for the following features of CBD affiliate programs.

Do I need a website/blog to participate in the affiliate program?

— CBD products represent one of the fastest-growing segments in the health and nutrition industry. New records are being set every month.

Clearly, it is extremely important to order CBD oil and other CBD products only from reliable sources. Even though there are many companies that sell CBD products of questionable quality, that doesn’t mean that quality sources are nowhere to be found. CBD affiliate programs are a great option if you think that your audience would be interested in CBD products, but you need to know how to find the best CBD affiliate programs.

Many people do not want THC in their CBD products for a variety of reasons. In higher amounts, THC has psychoactive effects that those just looking for natural support may not want. Although products that contain THC are legal in many places around the United States, it doesn’t mean that businesses can get away with mislabeling their CBD products.

The Growth of the CBD Industry—Why CBD Affiliate Programs Are an Excellent Opportunity

CBD Sky has received positive reviews from professionals due to its high-quality products and affordable prices. Its products include capsules, oil drops, and oral spray. The company has received a lot of attention from online advertisers and social media influencers.

The company’s affiliate program allows you to earn at least 20% of all retail sales coming from you. You will register your affiliate account, and the company will send a link to your affiliate dashboard. The link will allow you to download marketing materials. You can share the unique banner/link on your social media account or any other digital properties. You can earn up to 30% on each sale you refer to, and you will be paid bi-monthly. Its cookie duration is 90 days.

You can join their affiliate marketing program and earn a 30% commission of all retail sales from your clients. Its cookie duration is 60 days. Also, you get 10% off for your customer’s first order. The company provides free shipping for clients within the US. After filling out the registration, the company sends you a personal link that you will use to link potential customers to Pura Hemp’s website.


Pura Hemp is one of the main innovators in the hemp pharmaceutical-grade nutraceuticals. Its objective is to improve people’s health through hemp products. The company produces medical grade and high-quality products backed by doctors. The company controls 100% of its manufacturing processes.

It is one of the highest paying CBD affiliate programs. You can join and earn 50% commission on every sale you make. Its cookie duration is 30 days. Affiliates are given adequate training before selling the products. It has responsive support, and affiliates are paid monthly.

You just have to identify the best ways of generating traffic to promote your CBD products. You earn commission after one or more of your audience/followers buy from CBD offers. It is quite easy because people like the product and are simply looking for more information and a reliable CBD company. Learn how to earn more income through CBD affiliate programs.

The company’s affiliate program allows you to earn a 30% commission for all new customer sales and 20% for all other customers. Its cookie duration is 30 days. After filling out the application form, affiliates are required to specify their primary and secondary sources of traffic. Affiliates are paid monthly.