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cbd gold softgels review

The PlusCBD Oil Hemp Softgels are designed for those who require larger, precise doses. They’re one of the best options available for people who need to know that they’re getting an exact amount of CBD in each dose. Because of this, these softgels are great for treating serious and chronic conditions such as epilepsy, chronic pain, and inflammatory disorders. They’re also beneficial for those struggling with mental health issues such as PTSD, depression, or anxiety.

Servings per container: 10, 30, or 60

Effects (Onset, Duration, Intensity)

Someone who prefers a product with no added sweeteners will appreciate this product as well. PlusCBD Oil Hemp Softgels are also a very good solution for those who have trouble swallowing typical pills. Because they’re part of PlusCBD Oil’s Gold Formula line of products, a concentrated and standardized formula containing 25% phytocannabinoids (the strongest offered by PlusCBD Oil), these softgels are best for high intensity and critical support.

Soft in texture with a gel-like quality, the PlusCBD Oil Hemp Softgels live up to their name. When pressed, they bounce back to shape. The smooth feel makes these softgels easier to swallow than traditional pills or capsules. They’re full of hemp oil and extra virgin olive oil, which gives them a rich, golden color.

There is no psychoactive effect as the PlusCBD Oil Hemp Softgels have no more than .3% THC content. The softgels are fast-acting as the gel casing dissolves quickly. Effects can be felt within an hour and last up to 8 hours. Dosage can be adjusted to meet personal preferences, so it’s easy to attain one’s own desired effect.

The CBD market is a crowded place, and as someone who's used various hemp products over the years, I've learned it's hard to separate one product from the next. Many brands make the same claims about the effects of their products, and discerning the difference can be a tricky task when shopping online.

Also noteworthy, Plus CBD Oil offers a variety of formulations with the intent to help customers find the dosage that is right for them, regardless of their experience with CBD. I appreciate the company's belief in transparency and its commitment to helping people understand all of the benefits, as well as any side effects, associated with CBD products.

The pros

Plus CBD offers many different products appealing to varied customer needs. The brand manufactures CBD creams and lotions, balms, softgels, CBD spray with EVOO, and much more. There are also some other interesting items, like the Total Plant Complex CBD Drops, which is a formula that is gently heated to convert all of the CBDA to CBD and is heralded as hemp extract at its best.

There are thousands of companies that cloud the hemp industry, making it difficult to figure out the good brands from the bad. As an average consumer, I made the mistake of not doing enough research the first time I tried CBD, and I ended up with a less-than-stellar product. Now, I make it a point to thoroughly evaluate CBD brands based on their hemp sourcing, lab test results, and my own experience when using their products.

Product variety

Established in early 2012, Plus CBD Oil is one of the most well-known brands in the industry, with a huge reputation for offering a wide variety of high-quality CBD products including tinctures, capsules, balms, and more. Right off the bat, we were very impressed with Plus CBD Oil. For a company of this caliber, with the ability to impact so many people’s lives, the level of scrutiny for quality control and customer satisfaction needs to be damn near perfect, and Plus CBD did not disappoint. In this review, we will be taking an in-depth look at the company’s popular 15MG Full Spectrum Gold Formula Softgels, as well as the company as a whole. We hope you enjoy our Plus CBD Oil review!

It is important to note that the Gold Formula Softgels contains a full-spectrum blend, which is more effective than an isolate-blend but does contain THC. If you aren’t aware of the differences between CBD Isolate and Full Spectrum CBD, please read this article: CBD Isolate vs. Full Spectrum CBD


After a thorough analysis of Plus CBD Oil’s soft gels, and the company as a whole, we definitely see the reason why Plus CBD Oil has lead the industry for so long, and why they will continue to do so. Their transparent and highly-regulated manufacturing process and deeply ingrained presence in the industry allows for the company to create top-quality products like their Gold Formula Softgels.

Visually, the product is stunning, featuring a clear, gold appearance. As far as quality is concerned, Plus CBD Oil’s softgels definitely set the standard. Tested by not only one, but two 3rd party laboratories (SC Labs and Chemical Solutions LTD.; plus their own in-house testing performed by parent company CV Sciences), the company goes above and beyond to ensure their products quality standards are met and readily available for their customers. We always talk about how lab results are extremely important (which Plus CBD definitely has covered), but Plus CBD Oil takes it a step further with their “Full Traceability – From Seed to Shelf” methodology, in which they fully disclose every step of their manufacturing process including where their hemp is sourced (certified European hemp), how it is extracted, how their products are formulated with a Gluten-Free blend, and more! This level of transparency allows the customer to know exactly what’s going into their body, which is extremely important.

If you are looking to experience the benefits of CBD on a daily basis, then we highly recommend Plus CBD Oil’s Gold Formula Softgels. The high-quality full-spectrum blend and affordable pricing, make Plus CBD Oil’s soft gels the perfect option for the casual, everyday user.