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cbd genesis tincture

Among the best-selling products on their site are the tinctures, with ranges of strength from 100MG to 1,500MG. The tinctures are all extracted through the tedious but efficient CO2 extraction method, ensuring the effectiveness of the CBD in the product. Specifically, full-spectrum CBD oils are best-known for their fast-acting effects, making them a suitable option for those always on the go who want a discreet way of receiving the benefits of CBD, such as reduced anxiety, pain relief, and help to treat other symptoms of issues. You can use one of our CBD Genesis coupon codes to save on these. The CBD oil tincture pictured below is from Hemplucid.

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Man’s best friend (and man’s best kitty) isn’t left out at CBD Genesis. They don’t currently appear to have their own line of pet products, but they do offer a variety of CBD pet products for both cats and dogs from a number of top CBD brands. The brand pictured below is from Pure Hemp Botanicals which offers a Pet CBD oil that is safe and THC-free (non-psychoactive). The CBD is the same for pets as humans and will provide all the same health benefits. The only difference is it releases a lower dosage for pets since they are smaller.

In the beginning, the CBD Genesis brand formed to provide high-quality CBD oil products. They claim to focus on what CBD is best known for: healing and pain management. The company produces its own CBD liquid for vaping. Plus, CBD Genesis also puts out a variety of other products. Their merchandise ranges from CBD leaf for smoking to edible gummies to pain relieving cream. And they even make CBD doggie treats.

Their unflavored, full-spectrum vape e-liquid contains all the goodness of hemp-derived CBD. They claim that using their vape oil can help you with anxiety, stress, sleep, and relaxation.

They promise that all the CBD products they produce are third-party lab tested. In fact, they only use an accredited lab to ensure quality and publish the results for transparency. CBD Genesis guarantees its products are organic, non-GMO, as well as pesticide and solvent-free. This reassures the consumer that their CBD items are likely very safe and healthy. The company wants you to have confidence in your CBD experience.

CBD Genesis believes in interacting with the CBD community, sharing ideas, resources, and information together. Customer feedback and input are very important to them. Founded in 2018, they want to start off on a good foot with potential customers. That’s why they feel so strongly about the quality of their products and good communication with customers.

Dr. Ganja currently stocks CBD liquid by CBD Genesis in 350mg, 550mg, 1000mg, 1500mg, and 2000mg potencies. Carrying various strengths of CBD vape liquid ensures you can find the effectiveness that’s right for you.