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cbd cream houston tx

Ingredients: Vegetable Glycerin, Lanolin, Aloe Vera Gel, DMSO, CBD and Terpene Rich Hemp Oil Concentrate, Vitamin A, D, & E Oil. Natural ingredients may cause color variations. Refrigerate for longer shelf life.

MADE IN USA: An all-natural massage oil made from the finest ingredients available. Our unique blend of essential oils and terpene rich full-spectrum CBD Hemp Extract is helpful for achy muscles and joints while keeping your skin hydrated. Each 8oz bottle contains 120mg of CBD (15mg/oz). Intended to be used topically, not to be ingested.

CBD Body Lotion

Usage: Topical (to apply to skin)

SCENTS: Lavender, Palo Santo, Tea Tree, and Natural

DIRECTIONS: Use a quarter size drop of our Hydrating Body Lotion. A small amount spreads like crazy! Rub into your skin and see a difference in a matter of days. Dry yourself and apply body lotion after you bath for extra soft, supple skin. Silky, never greasy, this ultra performance lotion brings nature to your skin’s rescue!

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If you have health-related issues that may benefit from the use of CBD products, then let us help you decide which products to use and which ones will be most beneficial for your particular ailment. Our products have been known to help people with symptoms related to anxiety, insomnia, muscle soreness, back pain, acne, arthritis, epilepsy, and so much more! We are a company of enthusiastic people who have great faith in the ability of our products to help people improve the everyday existence of their lives.

Some of the products that we offer to our customers include; Houston CBD oil, CBD cream, CBD pills, hemp oil for pain, CBD pet treats, and so much more. Our team members are trained and educated about all of our hemp oil CBD products, and we are eager, and excited, to share our wealth of knowledge and our superior products with you.

Houston is a growing, thriving city, and it has a lot to offer to its’ approximately 2.1 million residents. Houston currently ranks 4 th in the United States for city size in population. If you are a resident of Houston, or in one of the surrounding suburbs, you may wonder where to buy CBD oil. If so, then look no further than our company, RE-LAX CBD. We are a full-service CBD supply company, and we have several CBD products to offer to our customers.

Offering CBD Cream, CBD Oil, CBD Pills, and Hemp Oil for Pain

RE-LAX CBD takes great pride in having some of the best Houston CBD oil on the market. Our CBD oils, also known as cannabidiol oil or hemp CBD oil, is derived from plants that are grown organically on our farms in northern California. All of our products are third-party lab tested, in order to maintain the high-quality of the end product.

Not only are we available at many retail locations, but we also have a wonderful online shop with Free Shipping on all orders !

If you have been searching for “CBD oil near me Houston”, then remember our company name, RE-LAX CBD. We are here to help you anytime, as you try our products for the first time, or as you come back to us again, as a highly-satisfied customer.