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cbd cream for mosquito bites

For some, this immune response is pronounced, leaving them with large, itchy welts that may even be painful. Could CBD help? While there have not been any formal studies on the effectiveness of cannabidiol in treating insect bites, anecdotal evidence points to the idea that it may be helpful. If the discomfort of an insect bite has left you with the insatiable urge to scratch, CBD may be worth a try.

If you want to try your hand at making your own CBD anti-itching cream, you can check out this recipe at Project CBD.

For much of the country, the warmer temps are a welcome relief after a long, hard winter. It’s the time of year everyone waits for—backyard barbecues, games, hiking, biking, and roasting marshmallows are all on the agenda. But with these seasonal pleasures come the bugs—the biting kind.

Ideally, a topical such as lotion, salve, gel, or cream is the most convenient way to apply CBD to a bug bite, but if you only have a tincture on hand, you can apply that directly to the affected area as well. Just be aware that the oil can cause your clothes to stain, so keep it away from your favorite shirt!

If you are one of the unlucky ones on the menu for blood-thirsty pests like mosquitoes and black flies, you may avoid these fun outdoor activities to keep from itching all summer. However, relief may be in sight in the form of CBD.

As gross as this sounds, when we are bitten by a mosquito or other insect, a small bit of saliva or venom is left behind. This unwanted compound is detected by our amazing immune systems, which go to work right away to fight it. The itching, swelling, and redness that occurs is the normal result of the body just doing its job.

While CBD is unlikely to cause a bad reaction, everyone’s skin is different, so you should stop using it immediately if your skin worsens. Also, if you have a severe allergic reaction to an insect bite, such as swelling of the face or neck, wheezing, or faintness, forego the CBD and seek emergency assistance right away.

Almond oil is a fairly common ingredient in skincare products. It is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties . That’s great news if you plan to use this salve for bug bites because inflammation is a large portion of the problem. Combining the anti-inflammatory properties of almond oil and CBD oil suggest this product could have powerful effects.

Finding a natural and safe product is difficult no matter what you’re looking for. Chemical pharmaceuticals often seem so effective that many people are willing to ignore the risk. Full-spectrum CBD continues to be one of the few natural products that show promise when it comes to its effects on several conditions. However, further research is needed before we know the full benefits of CBD.

You may have noticed that many Tanasi CBD products, including the salve, are labeled as full-spectrum. This means that they were extracted from the hemp plant along with all of the additional cannabinoids and other phytochemicals present. In contrast, a pure isolate CBD product would remove all other phytochemicals and leave only the CBD.

The Full Spectrum Approach Is Best

The ECS performs a very complex and crucial function. Its primary goal is to maintain homeostasis. This is the process in which the body maintains a continuous balance while also adjusting for certain conditions. For example, maintaining constant internal body temperature is part of homeostasis. The ECS interacts with many other internal systems and functions while attempting to maintain homeostasis.

Take the mosquito for example.

The hemp plant is a far more common source of CBD extracts because of its legal status. As long as THC levels remain below 0.3 percent, farmers can grow their hemp and companies can use that hemp to produce CBD products. Very few states have laws prohibiting the use of CBD products as long as the THC levels remain below the threshold.

CBD may be the anti-inflammatory powerhouse, but it’s certainly not the only chemical in the cannabis plant that can help. There are over 100 different cannabinoids present in the plant and many of them could benefit the body in one way or another.