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cbd cream for morton’s neuroma

5. Heel Pain, Plantar Fasciitis- Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common causes of heel pain. Almost one third of US adult respondents to a recent survey cited heel pain as the primary source of their foot pain. Heel pain happens when inflammation occurs with a thick band of tissue that runs across the bottom of your foot and connects your heel bone to your toes (plantar fascia).

Hemp-derived CBD oil can help with pain management, inflammation management and neuroprotection of the foot and joints. Recommended CBD products include CBD with capsaicin, Pain Cream with CBD & Lidocaine, Warming CBD Salve, CBD Pain Patch

The tendency to experience a gout attack can be an inherited trait but it can also be brought on by high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, surgery, chemotherapy, stress and certain medications. Limiting consumption of certain foods and drinks may reduce your chances of getting gout. Limiting or avoiding shellfish, organ meats (kidney, liver, etc.), red wine, beer, and red meat are good ways to start.

7 Common Foot Problems

Besides people who have diabetes, those who are substantially overweight, smoke or who have kidney disease are also at risk for diabetic neuropathy. Hemp-derived CBD oil can help with pain management, inflammation management and neuroprotection of the foot.

Anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties of CBD may help to manage the symptoms as well as to suppress the inflammation that causes the pain.

2. Diabetic neuropathy- is a type of nerve damage that can occur if you have diabetes. High blood sugar (glucose) can injure nerves throughout your body. Diabetic neuropathy most often damages nerves in your legs and feet. It develops gradually and is comprised of four main types of this condition:

6. Neuroma – is a painful condition, also referred to as a “pinched nerve” or a nerve tumor. It is a benign growth of nerve tissue frequently found between the third and fourth toes. It brings on pain, a burning sensation, tingling, or numbness between the toes and in the ball of the foot. The most common cause of neuroma is wearing ill-fitting shoes, high heels or shoes with a tapered toe box.

What is Morton’s Neuroma or metatarsalgia?

Paresthesia – tingling, pricking, or numbness

If it is not too serious, resting the foot would be enough. Elevating the foot after activity could also work. Overt-the-counter anti-inflammatories would also help. If a person is overweight, it would be advisable to lose weight. When the condition continues, a physiotherapist could bring relief. As a last result, surgery might be the only option.

In a condition like Morton’s neuroma, the anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of CBD is specifically helpful to reduce pain. We all have a cell-signaling process in our bodies. Researchers believe that CBD acts not just on the endocannabinoid system, but also other brain signaling systems to provide benefits for those with neurological disorders. It effectively reduces muscle spasticity and nerve-related pain.