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cbd cream for cancer treatment

The first two of these are less aggressive than the final two. Basal cells are round cells found in the lower epidermis of the skin – these are the cells involved in 80% of skin cancer cases. Squamous cells are flat, scale-like cells that make up most of the epidermis. About 20% of skin cancers develop from squamous cells, particularly in areas of high sun exposure. Basal cell and squamous cell carcinoma are sometimes referred to as keratinocyte carcinomas [7] or non-melanoma skin cancer.

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How is Skin Cancer Usually Treated?

Typical cancer treatments include excisional surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. Different forms of skin cancer respond better to some treatments than others, and the severity of the cancer may influence your oncologist’s recommendations. If you’re looking for a natural remedy to add to your treatment, either to counteract the effects of cancer treatment or to help manage symptoms, CBD oil may be something to consider.

Few words are scarier than “cancer,” especially if your doctor is the one daying it. Even scarier than the word itself is that over 1.8 million people [1] are diagnosed with this deadly disease in the United States each year and an estimated 600,000 people die from it annually.

Skin cancer develops most frequently on skin exposed to the sun which is why UV protection is so important. Treatment varies by type and severity, and certain natural remedies like CBD oil have shown potential therapeutic benefits for symptom management.

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Scientists also discovered that cannabinoids can:

You could talk with your cancer specialist about the possibility of joining a clinical trial. Trials can give access to new drugs in a safe and monitored environment.

Medical cannabis

Cancer nausea and vomiting

Cannabis is a class B drug and illegal in the UK.

Nabilone is a drug developed from cannabis. It is licensed for treating severe sickness from chemotherapy that is not controlled by other anti sickness drugs. It is a capsule that you swallow whole.