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cbd cream for athletes

One of the largest benefits thought to accompany CBD is its ability to aid in relief or alleviate pain. CBD interacts directly with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in the body, eliminating free-radicals, restoring balance and reducing inflammation. For athletes who participate in intense exercise or high-impact movements, CBD can be a great natural option for relief. While THC, the often better known psychoactive cousin of CBD, can also be used to treat pain but has been shown to potentially impair short-term memory among other unwanted side-effects for athletes.

Ideal CBD Products for Action Sport Athletes

CBD as a Treatment for Pain

When it comes to CBD use for athletes, there can be a variety of methods of consumption or application. Oils and tinctures are the most ideal form of sublingual consumption, entering the bloodstream immediately and producing effects quickly. Oils and tinctures are ideal for pain relief as well as mental health, stress reduction, sleep, etc. CBD topicals are a great choice for effective pain relief, applied directly to an affected area. CBD recovery rubs or cold therapy creams, such as Tribe CBD’s Broad Spectrum Cold Therapy Hemp CBD Cream, are perfect for targeted application and absorb through the skin rapidly. Drinks are another perfect option for athletes. Typically packaged for the perfect dose, drinks are ideal for on the go CBD consumption.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of many naturally occurring compounds in cannabis and hemp plants. Research surrounding CBD is still limited, but there are signs pointing toward effective promise in the realms of pain, inflammation and muscle soreness. Treating conditions as such can be very necessary for athletes, but especially those in the professional fields who could suffer injury or over exertion during an athletic competition. Here are just a few reasons athletes should consider CBD for an additional to their sports training regimen.

So, those are the benefits and a brief breakdown of the athletes openly enjoying them right now, but you may be wondering how exactly CBD works to implement the full range of advantages mentioned. While the majority of us have some ideas here by this point, the technicalities of CBD and its usage still escape many of us.

Since the World Anti-Doping Agency removed CBD products from its banned list in 2018, this cannabis extract has been gaining significant attention in the athletics world, and for a good reason. With capabilities to help with everything from post-training pain relief to pre-show jitters, this non-psychoactive component certainly stands to make significant ripples.

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AthletiCBD products for your every need

Here at AthletiCBD, we offer a range of CBD products targeted towards athletes and more. With zero THC and other banned products evident in our range, we hope that we can help athletes across the board towards improved performances. Buying from us certainly ensures that you tailor what goes into your body, and the performances you’re able to achieve as a result. Some products guaranteed to help athlete performances include –

You heard it here first. Or, maybe you didn’t. Either way, this former boxing champ is such a firm believer in the athlete-based benefits of CBD products that he’s opened his very own cannabis strain, fondly named ‘Tyson Holistic Holdings (THH).’

As CBD comes to the athletic fore, some fantastic athletes are openly endorsing CBD roll for sports injuries and more. And, if these top contenders are getting along with these products, don’t you think you could benefit from giving them a try, too? Of course, you don’t need to take our word for it. Top athletes at the forefront of the CBD world right now include –

Professional martial arts fighter Nate Diaz also shouts loud and proud about CBD advantages. In fact, the guy made headlines back in 2016 for brazenly puffing on a CBD vaporizer during a press conference. While you might want to stick to a more subtle CBD rub stick, Diaz’s message still stands. Why shouldn’t we propel this fantastic drug into the main-stream?