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cbd cream and psoriatic arthiritic

It is a chronic condition that becomes worse over time. However, it is normal to see your symptoms improve briefly and also to experience spells where symptoms become worse. PsA can affect joints on one or both sides of your body. Its symptoms, which are similar to those associated with rheumatoid arthritis, include:

Please remember that PsA and psoriasis are entirely separate conditions. While there is plenty of CBD-related research on the latter, there isn’t a great deal on the former. However, there are hundreds of studies in favor of medical marijuana, especially CBD. Researchers continue to study whether CBD is potentially capable of both preventing and alleviating chronic pain in people living with other forms of arthritis.

Symptoms of Psoriatic Arthritis

CBD’s connection with our ECS is fascinating. It could explain why an increasing number of users are championing it as an effective painkiller. Researchers believe that cannabidiol could affect receptors in the brain and the immune system. The result is reduced pain and inflammation.

Recent research indicates that CBD possibly attaches to CB2 receptors to trigger a better ECS response.

The researchers found that the ointment helped to reduce psoriasis symptoms. They also determined that it was safe and effective. It also improved the quality of life of the patients. The study reported no allergic or irritant reactions during the period of treatment.

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