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cbd chill gummies uk

Our range of CBD Gummy Bears includes a range of different dosages per Gummy and CBD gummies strengths. If you want to find out more about gummies read on below.

Similar to any form of quality CBD, gummies have the potential in some cases to offer relief from certain conditions such as an anti-itch effect for Eczema sufferers. We make a point of not offering a medical opinion, but there have been significant studies done on the benefits of CBD which we have covered in our CBD advice section.

What are CBD Gummy Bears?

CBD Gummy Bears are the friendly-faced organic hemp-derived treat you want to eat. If edibles are your thing, then browse here to buy CBD gummy bears online.

If you are wondering what CBD Gummy Bears are, then here’s a brief breakdown. If you want to read more about CBD – what it is and its story, check out the link below:

Dosage of CBD Gummy Bears and Gummies, or in fact any edible likely varies depending on body size and need. If you want an idea for what might be the right CBD Gummies dosage for you, we have put together a CBD dose calculator. Just so you know the numbers weren’t plucked from the sky, we have referenced our sources too. Click the link above, to test it out.

Once received, use the dosage chart to guide you on how many treats to consume per serving. When doing so, take into account that gummy sizes vary between variety, and that the overall packet weight to CBD ratio remains the same.

It’s important to keep these out of the reach of children and you must be 18 years or older to order.

Additional Information

Choose from six epic flavours and view each packs image in the box above:

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So, pick your favourite flavour, and have an exciting and tasty way to get your dosage of CBD. Sour Faces is particularly nostalgic, and mini fruits give you a lot of variety.