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If you are interested, the results from these tests are available upon request.

These capsules are also vegan-friendly and made from non-GMO ingredients.

This means that you will feel the effects of CBD oil faster than the capsules. If patience isn’t your virtue, then maybe you should take the oil route since they take less time to enter the body.

3. CBD Life Hemp Oil Capsules

CBD stands for “cannabidiol.” CBD is a natural compound found in cannabis. Cannabis is a plant that thrives in the sun, and it is part of the Cannabacaae family.

Blessed CBD is a UK-based CBD brand that is already taking the industry by storm. In less than 12 months, they’ve received “ best CBD oil ” awards by the likes of Reader’s Digest , Manchester Evening News , Birmingham Live , High Times , Maxim , Daily Record and Stoke on Trent Live .

You may have heard of CBD oil for wellness, but have you heard of CBD capsules? CBD capsules (also referred to as CBD pills/edibles) are gaining more popularity because they offer the same benefits as CBD oil, but they are more convenient to use.

If you want all the benefits of CBD without the THC, then Blessed CBD’s THC-free softgels are the capsules you will want to check out. These capsules have zero tetrahydrocannabinol and come in a single convenient size: 30 capsules per bottle. Each capsule provides a massive and highly potent 30mg of CBD, which is higher than any other CBD softgels product in the UK market.

Because the sale of any CBD products is banned on Amazon and eBay, authorised retailers don’t use these platforms and trusted brands are hard to find.

While this has been mostly successful in supporting customers to find high-quality, it has also driven the scammers to a new home; forum selling sites like Amazon and eBay.

On CBD products are completely prohibited, their terms state:


Hemp oil, while a great source of fatty acids and some minerals is not as sought after, nor as expensive as CBD. Many health food shops stock 500ml bottles of hemp oil or hemp seed oil for less than £10.

Others also look like CBD but are priced between £4 and £8, giving the impression that you are getting a bargain. In fact, they are just overpriced hemp oil. While they aren’t as much of a rip-off as the others, they still make sales by misleading their customers. Hemp oil is more appropriately sold in larger bottles and used in food, a glug or two at a time.

Amazon and eBay both explicitly prohibit the sale of CBD because they are governed by American Federal Law. Why is it then, that we can find so many CBD products listed on their platforms? We’ve found that the majority of these are scams via third-party sellers and that customers who are not naive are figuring this out quickly and speaking up.

On both sites, if you search for ‘CBD oil’, you will see hundreds of products referring to themselves as ‘hemp extract oil’ or ‘hemp oil extract’. Some are priced between £25 and £45, which is precisely the kind of price you would expect for a good quality CBD oil, except they aren’t. They are in small bottles of between 10ml and 30ml with a dropper but don’t contain any CBD and most probably don’t have anything more than traces of cannabinoids if at all.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: New

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: New

I suffer from chronic pain and fibromyalgia and this product has a positive impact on my state of mind helping me deal with the pain better. It doesn’t get rid of the pain but being more positive in my mind just helps me cope. It really does help, the difference in me is much improved so thank you

Good quality product

I’ve been taking 2 of these twice a day for a few days now and I can already feel the benefits. I’ve suffered with rheumatoid arthritis for 30 years and I’ve now been able to reduce the amount of painkillers I take. I’m hoping thar after a few more days of taking them, I won’t need any painkillers at all. Thank You

Feel full of energy, my eyes wider(not tired anymore) sharp in the head, feel like im about to overdose on confident, im more alert when im driving. If anyone is about to sit for any exam or test i would highly revomend it. Ive got 5 people to try it and they’ve all ordered it. Oh it improve your mood dramatically. If everyone takes it the world would be a much better place

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: New

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: New