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Each brand has its own composition of CBD capsules. Therefore, when buying CBD capsules, you should take into account the amount of CBD oil in the capsule. At 24High we currently offer two CBD capsules. Hempcare’s CBD capsules have 5 milligrams of CBD per capsule. In the Cibdol CBD capsules There is 6,4 milligrams of CBD in the capsules.

Taking CBD capsules is very easy. Place the CBD capsule on your tongue and take it with a glass of water. The capsule is tasteless and can therefore be easily taken in. Also, taking CBD capsules on an empty stomach is no problem.

How Much oil does one CBD capsule posses?

If CBD oil and CBD capsules are exactly the same, why do CBD capsules exist? The answer is simple. Some people do not like the taste of CBD oil. It’s something you have to get used to, but for some this is an impossible task. With CBD capsules you don’t suffer from the taste. The CBD oil will only be released once the CBD capsule is in your stomach. That makes the CBD capsules tasteless.

Taking CBD can be done in many different ways. CBD oil is the best-known way to take CBD. However, CBD capsules work just as well. There is no difference between CBD oil or CBD capsules. A specific amount of CBD oil is processed in CBD capsules. At 24High we have capsules with 5 milligram CBD and 6,4 milligrams of CBD oil.

CBD originates from the hemp plant. This plant is best known for the feeling of being stoned that it can give you. The effect of being high is caused by THC that is located in the hemp plant. This substance is psychoactive. However, you can also take cannabidiol, CBD, without taking THC. All our CBD products will not make you High or Stoned!

Nova CBD, based out of Vancouver, currently does one thing and they do it well: Making full strength 1000 mg isolate based CBD oil tinctures, with no THC and made from organic hemp derived CBD and organic MCT oil. With approximately 33 mg of pure CBD per dropper, this oil is safe for people who can’t consume THC.

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Shop from our great selection of CBD capsules online in Canada. Available in a variety of milligrams, these cannabidiol pills are great for getting that precise dose that you’re looking for. All of the THC and CBD capsules we carry are made right here in British Columbia, by the most reputable suppliers using top-quality ingredients. Get free express shipping on all orders over $150, anywhere in Canada.

Nova CBD Oil from Isolate

Hand crafted using the highest quality materials available, Honest Botanicals has really delivered a top notch CBD oil tincture. They carry of a range of CBD drops, including full spectrum CBD tinctures, pure CBD (THC free), & different CBD/THC tincture ratios. Honest Botanicals uses CBD which is Lab Tested and comes from Canadian Grown Cannabis.

Available in zero-THC & full spectrum CBD tinctures for a variety of different ailments including anxiety, pain, inflammation, depression, acne, etc. Handcrafted using the purest and highest quality starting materials available, Island Therapeutics has really delivered a fabulous CBD Oil tincture and we are proud to offer it up to Canadians coast to coast.

Miss Envy’s line of solvent-free infused cannabidiol oil tinctures offers a clean infusion in an easy to absorb fashion. Using an MCT oil base for natural bioavailability, these CBD tinctures provide positive effects to the metabolism by carrying the relief of clean Cannabis extractions into the system. Miss Envy Botanicals is dedicated to producing 100% organic medicinal cannabis products for MMAR/MMPR patients available at upscale dispensaries nationwide.

One of the benefits to using CBD tinctures for pain, anxiety, depression, or any other ailment is that they are incredibly easy & clean to consume. Simply fill the dropper and place your desired amount under the tongue for 30-60 seconds before swallowing. CBD tinctures are great for micro-dosing as they allow you to accurately measure your dosage.

First, let's discuss the main difference between using CBD pills versus using a CBD oil tincture. Just as CBD oil is non-psychotropic, CBD capsules also won't get you "high" because they are derived from industrial hemp plants. As such, both products contain little to no THC (depending on what product you are using).

Prima CBD pills are designed to help combat stress and target issues at their source. Prima holds itself to the highest social and environmental standards and is a certified B Corp. Each of these vegan softgels contain 25 milligrams of CBD, which makes them a subtle, daily dose of hemp extract.

CBD pills vs. CBD oil

Be sure to consult your physician, along with product packaging and lab reports, to learn more about potency of a product to ensure appropriate dosing.

CBD capsules make dosing easier than CBD gummies or vapes because you know how much CBD is in each capsule. This is important if you're dosing regularly for chronic pain or anxiety, and want to maintain a consistent level of botanical extract in your body. 

Cannabidiol, commonly abbreviated as CBD, is a chemical compound that's found in the cannabis sativa plant. For quite some time, it's been associated with wide-ranging health benefits, including the potential to help minimize stress, promote healthy sleep, and even provide inflammation and pain relief.